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Two Groups Essay

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I have chosen the two groups Judaism and Hispanic/Latino for this paper. I will explore these two groups in their differences and contributions and role in America. I will also explore by their comparison what conclusions might be drawn about prejudice and discrimination.
Judaism differs from other religious groups in that Judaism (strictly speaking) is a way of life and has a ritualism to it. Strict Judaism has dietary rules and other laws. Judaism dates back thousands of years, to the time before Jesus, which is where many other religions today are different, as they recognize Jesus as the Savior sent by God, and Judaism sees Jesus as a prophet or respected leader. Judaism believes ...view middle of the document...

The Hispanic/Latino culture is rich with colorful and festive traditions and rituals. Typically the language of this group is Spanish, and the ancestry is from Latin or South America. The Hispanic/Latino group experience with other groups is both positive and negative. There are many instances of stereotyping and discrimination, and a general belief that the Hispanic group has come to America illegally. More positive is the respect and enjoyment by other groups of the Hispanic/Latino culture in areas like dance, music, food and other festive areas. American culture is the recipient of Mexican food and many Mexican restaurants, native dances, a romance language. American culture has also been influenced by a primarily Hispanic way of life known as migrant or transient farm workers, although there are others who live this lifestyle/employment as well. Hispanic/Latino groups experience prejudice of coming to this country illegally or to live off the work of citizens. They are often seen as lazy or unwilling to work. There is a belief that many Hispanics are in the U.S. illegally, and so that is a source of this discrimination. As well, because Hispanics are most heavily concentrated in Texas and California, it seems that the discrimination in areas not as heavily populated is more prevalent. Learning more about the Hispanic/Latino history, rituals, discriminiation and experiences helps me understand the group, and also their plight over time. I am able to see how perceptions have changed, but also how the Hispanic culture in...

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