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Two Esays, What Are The Differences And What Are The Simlarities?

1636 words - 7 pages

Compare and Contrast Essay

Ashford University
English 121-AXC1415E
Instructor: Jamie Cooper
Student: Katherin Wheat

When it comes to writing the compare and contrast essay style, it is one of the more difficult ones to achieve.
The differences between these two essays “How to say nothing in 500 words” by: Paul McHenry Roberts and “caged bird” by: Maya Angelou is easy to pick out. As far as the similarities goes that proved to a little harder to give a lot of examples. In the following paragraphs there will be plenty of examples of compare and contrast, give summaries, a couple of quotes and a paraphrase will be included in this essay. While how to say nothing in 500 words and ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning the boy kept making up excuses for why he could not write his paper. He had washing and some math problems to do the next morning, then on Saturday he had a date and finally on Sunday he had to go to church. He refused to put his English assignment before his religion. When it came close to the due date, the boy began to panic and then ended up rushing his work with less than a half of a day left. In the end he turned it into the teacher, the whole time thinking he was going to get a good grade. It turned out that he had gotten the poor grade of a D on his paper. “The free bird thins of another breeze and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn and he names the sky his own.” (Angelou, Maya, n.d.) While the caged bird is stripped of any freedom and luxuries, due to their skin color. “But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage his wings are clipped and his feet are tied.” (Angelou, Maya, n.d.) “On Monday you turn it in, moderately hopeful, and on Friday it comes back marked “weak in content” and sporting a big “D.”” (Paul Roberts, n.d.)Due to this the author goes on to give a way to write better paper. Some example the author gives to help better one’s paper are avoid the obvious content, meaning that you should jot down the main arguments that come to your head, then do not use any of those arguments in your paper. The reason why is because the arguments on the list are the ones that will leap into everyone else’s mind too. Another example is to get rid of obvious padding, this is where you turn four simple words like fast driving is dangerous into a long drawn out explaining sentence in order to might your words deadline. This is why the essay caged bird can be seen as being more visual then the essay how to say nothing in 500 words.

The attended audience was more overly open to more people than that of how to say nothing in 500 words essay. The purpose was too reflectively and metaphorically told through her story of feeling trapped by racism and wanting the sweet freedom of equality among all. Her intended audience is towards everyone. This is because racism and discrimination is not just dependent on the color of one’s skin anymore. It falls under the categories of sex, age, sexual orientation, education, weight, and etc. And everyone at least once in their lives have been humiliated and shown prejudice towards them. The feel of his intended audience could towards anyone but it is mostly for students or someone who is writing a paper. This essay was meant to educate anyone who has ever written or will write an essay in the future and how to properly do so. He starts off the essay by talking about a boy who needs to write an essay over the weekend. Then the author Roberts transitions into giving examples of the excuses the boy used for not sitting down and writing this paper. It is when the boy got his paper back and got...

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