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Two Career Family Versus One Career Family Essay

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Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family
My paper will focus on the differences and the similarities between the two career families and one career families, and will give ideas regarding which of the two is better in the development of the individual career.
There are various studies that focus on the career development of the individual and how the work is connected with the non-work lives of people. There are divergent studies that show the strong relationship of family and work. It shows that the developmental needs of the family will produce incomplete understanding regarding the career dynamics (Arthur & Hall 1989, p. 159).
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If we were to analyze the situation in terms of the financial aspect, then the two career family has the advantage, due to the fact that both parents are the main source of income, both producing a living financially, for the entire family. This is one reason why most two career family set ups have much to spend on different activities, such as taking a family vacation. In addition, most two career families are capable of sending their kids to a great school. This is contrary to a one career family, where as the women are depending on their husband. Today most families are implementing the two career family setting.
Studies and debates have shown that spending quality time is one of the most important issues that have surfaced between the one career and two career families. As stated earlier, women and/or wives often play the role of the homemaker, focusing on the needs and the demands of the children. Therefore, with this kind of set up, one of the parents has the sufficient time to bond and make a connection with the children, allowing the parent to focus a lot on the development, growth, and mental state of the children. Therefore, the parents will also have a visual on the emotional and physical being of their children, this especially important during the maturing stage of that child. On the other hand, quality time is said to be a drawback for the two career family, due to the fact that both parents are working full time outside of the home. This means, once mom and dad arrive home from work, they are already stress, tired, and all they want to do is rest. There are some parents that do not have the time nor set aside quality time, despite their long day at work, to connect or communicate with their children. This can affect your child’s emotional condition, and it could lead them to drugs, early pregnancy, and even to rebel against...

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