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Two Car Garage – Project Plan

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Two Car Garage – Project Plan
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Two Car Garage – Project Plan
This detached garage project will be for a family that lives in a ranch style home with limited attic space and no basement. The family is in need of a place to park their two cars and they are looking for more storage space. The family purchased the home on a budget and was unable to afford a home with a garage. The benefits of adding a two car garage would be that the garage would allow both cars to be parked out of the weather, and give more storage space for the ever growing family. The garage will also give an area for small projects or a workshop ...view middle of the document...

Risk Analysis
Risk analysis of this project has determined that there are few risks involved with this project, however the risks include: delay of start from weather, delay during construction due to weather, delay of deliverables, and overtime due to delays. Delay of start or construction due to weather is the highest risk involved on the project and delay of deliverables is second. Overtime as a risk is included due to added cost, but can also be part of the contingency plan set forth. For weather related interruptions, close watch of the forecast is needed and simple tents to cover the work area can be brought in. The tents will add to the cost by $100, but the added cost is negligible next to overtime or delay of completion. The project manager (PM) is responsible for implementing any contingency plans based on these risks.
Mission and Goals of Project
The mission and goal of this project is to construct a garage that is 30 feet by 25 feet by 10 feet. The tasks that will be needed to complete this project are as follows:
1. Site development – Site must be cleared and grated.
2. Pour concrete slab – Concrete slab must be poured for the foundation
3. Walls erected – After slab is dry walls will be erected and anchored to the slab.
4. Roof installation – Roofing goes on after the walls are erected and anchored.
5. Electrical – Electrical conduits and wiring is installed.
6. Windows, insulation and sheet rock – Windows, insulation and sheet rock go in after the roof is constructed and electrical conduits and wiring is installed.
7. Garage doors – The garage doors are installed with all the hardware.
8. Inspection – garage is inspected and is signed off by inspector and client.
Project Approach
The mission for this project is to build a detached two-car garage. The benefits for the garage will be to keep the cars out of the weather and added storage. The scope will be to finish this project in 3 months from the start of the dirt work to the finishing touches. The garage will be bricked on the outside to match the bricks on the house with grey trim.

The garage will be built with one major contractor as the manager subbing the jobs out for dirt work, cement and then the framing of the garage. The contractor will see to the building material. Our company will see to the permitting and the budget and time restraints.

Once the permits have been approved, construction on the garage can begin. When putting the plan in place scheduled slips should be factored in as a buffer. With the planning and regular checks this should be a positive experience for the home owner.

Project Organization

1. Project Co-Managers – Carol Cranmore and Michael McCann

2. Construction Manager – Seth Carr

3. Delivery Manager – Mary Johnson

The project managers are responsible for the project, According to Donavan “They are to promote...

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