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Twitter Vs Facebook Essay

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‘Discourse’ is a complicated concept that has developed numerous discourse analytical theories. Discourses are abundant throughout society. Society itself is built upon discourses. Two differing discourses social, and cultural discourses are used to discuss the differences between Twitter and Facebook in the use of branding. Depicting the “social discourse” is “Twitter vs Facebook: Which is more valuable for brands?” an article by Megan O’Neill. The opposing discourse of “culture” is portrayed through “Social Networking: Twitter vs Facebook,” a blog post by Jessica Kim.

Firstly, it should be notable that there is no utter definition of discourse. The study of discourse is a vast field, ...view middle of the document...

Two distinct discourses that arise from the chosen texts, are those of social discourse, and cultural discourse. In the use of social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, individuals are given a vehicle in which they can communicate with those that they would not have under normal day-to-day associations. There are various reasons for individuals to participate in these interactive sites, whether it be to share a similar interest; find old or new friends; connect with remote family and friends; share ideas and opinions; whatever the underlying initial reason, as a result new virtual communities have emerged.

The concept of social discourse is depicted throughout the O’Neill’s article (2011) by comparing the two major social networking sites of Twitter and Facebook against one another in order to determine which offers a superior value, in terms of branding. The reason this article embodies the concept of social discourse is due to the extensive emphasis on the theme of the value of social networking sites as branding tools. This infographic article bases a variety of criteria’s that include age, gender and education distribution and provide is supported with research and statistics. With this emphasis on presentation of facts and information, the purpose of this article can be assumed to be to elevate the credibility of the comparison presented between one social networking site and another.

In contrast, the blog written by Jessica Kim (2011) on the same topic of Facebook VS Twitter alternatively alludes to the notion of cultural discourse. The casual and subjective structure within this article reflects her preferences based on personal experiences as apposed to providing accurate data and information. The reason this blog post personifies the notion of cultural discourse is due to the subjective style of writing and the use of personal opinion to convey her message. Kim relies on the credibility of her context and her personal experiences to confirm her argument. What would therefore identify this piece of writing as being cultural discourse could be assumed to be related to her personal attributes, experiences or encounters, forming the basis of the author’s knowledge.

In continuation, the direction is clearly towards the Foucaudian theory of “death of the author,” which proclaims that audiences are the constructor of a meaning and that “meaning making is a complex socio-linguistic process involving the reader, the text and their social context” (Olsson 2010). According to this theory, the authors of these two given texts are “products of social construction within and between discourses” (Olsson 2010), in this case being social and cultural. Reflecting the discourse theory of “death of an author”, an understanding of O’Neill and Kim’s intention can be thought to differ according to discourse communities. Racevskis (1983) defines a discourse community as “people who, at least in the context of a particular role...

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