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Tv To Reality Essay

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From TV to Reality
Throughout, “Fed to the Streets” Courtney Moreno gives accounts of real life events as a paramedic. Moreno wrote this essay by putting headlines of topics she would be writing about and concentrate on the topic, for instance, under the heading “G.S.W” she focused on a gunshot wound patient. Television shows typically portray paramedics and medical personnel that seem happy, stress free, and healthy. However, in the story “Fed to the Streets” the author who is a paramedic gives the reality of her career drowning in tiredness, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle.
Exhausting, stressful, and unhealthy lifestyle is the reality of a paramedic or medical personnel. Throughout “Fed to the Streets” Moreno gives examples of her life by telling detailed stories of scenes she has experienced. She starts the essay off by describing a new rig and how it does not know what it is getting itself into. Then continues to ...view middle of the document...

All of these examples are what Moreno does to herself, but saves the patients for the same reasons. She would deal with a psych patient rather than doing paperwork because the paperwork she does is time consuming. Moreno then goes on to state ninety percent of calls her and her partner go on are BS. While treating a patient it is hard to look a patient in the eyes she wrote. Finally she finishes her essay off by talking about going under the radar of operators so that way her and her partner can get a little break.
Being a paramedic is not as easy as it looks on TV. Moreno states in her story that they are lacking sleep, stressed out, and they are just the same as the patients they save. She writes “We sleep as hard as we can for as long as we can, knowing we will never make it through the night, knowing there will always be at least one call.” (275) I personally have been on a ride along and I have seen firsthand that paramedics do not sleep as well as everyone else they are up throughout the whole night. Paramedics are stressed out a lot because of lacking sleep, dealing with patients, and all the paperwork they have to do. Moreno gave a story about a psych patient and how she was fighting with her just trying to get her information just reading that section gives a sense of stress of what she was dealing with. “We eat fried chicken, potato chips, burritos, pizza” (275) she said. Thus meaning she eats the same as her patients that she is tending who has diabetes or heart disease. Moreno wrote about smoking cigarettes chewing tobacco outside of a hospital right after they transported a patient for a breathing problem. The difficulties of this job she states cause her to be the same as her patients.
The outcomes of Moreno’s rewards do not outweigh the difficulties due to the fact she is just another person but only with a uniform. Even though she is a paramedic and people look at them as hero’s the gratification does not compare to the stress they put themselves through, the scattered sleeping, and bad eating habits they go through their everyday lives. Paramedics experience tiredness and stress which symbolizes an unhealthy lifestyle that Moreno writes in “Fed to the Streets.”

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