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Tv Smarter Essay

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Does TV really make you smarter?

Over the past decades, television has become such integrated part of our life that many of us are unable to live without them. The idea of television and its relationship with intelligence have triggered great controversy. Steven Johnson argues that the increasing complexity of the television shows compared to a few decades ago, have helped the viewers to improve their cognitive and inference abilities, essentially, watching the television make you smarter. On the contrary, Dana Stevens argues that watching the television does not essentially make the viewers smarter, but its negative impact, especially on younger generation, is almost unquestionable. Both ...view middle of the document...

Johnson went great length to defend his argument that the television enhances the cognitive ability, and not dumb it down. To support his argument, he tries to show the relationship between the increasing plot’s interconnectivity and the viewers’ cognitive ability, and he concluded that watching television can have positive effect on the viewers’ ability to make quick decision and gain more knowledge, like the ability to make life and death choice from the shows 24 and understand fast talking medical linguistic from the shows House. Even though those decision and jargons are appearing to the viewers as signs of intelligence, they are simply mindless decisions and knowledge without substance, such as, in a latest episode of the House the viewers are bombard with medical terms such as Paraneoplastic Syndrome and Differential Diagnosis while Dr. House was diagnosing a patient, even though the viewers can understand the meaning of the those terms in the context of the episode, they have not learn the what those medical terms are. It is like watching NBA playoff, and the viewers are expecting to gain the knowledge to become a NBA player. Even thought the television’s shows can urge viewers to try new things such as saving a sick patient as a doctor in an episode of House or interrogating a terrorist as a counter terrorist unit agent in an hour of 24, it does not proves that the viewers will become smarter, it only means that the viewers will watch more episodes to relive the...

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