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Tv Manipulation Essay

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Ruggerio did a good job of presenting examples of current manipulations regarding influence of our minds and emotion by the television. He clearly describes what is wrong with mass media today. Ruggerio states that the television industry affects our minds and emotion and to some point that is true. Most of the program shown in the countless networks of television channel is not meant to express the exact interpretation of a culture or behavior sets, but to engage in entertainment. Ruggiero states that the artificial pace of dramatic programs and the scenes of violence in crime have makes us disappointed with the natural pace of life and graphic images destroy our sense of horror and revulsion. This is considered entertainment. The danger here is when the common population starts to process these events as reality. Say that it is no longer a drama series on ...view middle of the document...

We are non partisan, non ideological and non political. Our goal is to help both the journalists who produce the news and the citizens who consume it develop a better understanding of what the press is delivering, how the media are changing, and what forces are shaping those changes. We have emphasized empirical research in the belief that quantifying what is occurring in the press, rather than merely offering criticism, is a better approach to understanding”( In essence, this is what modern journalism should be doing instead of presenting emotional rhetoric and logical fallacies to present something as news. News should only include facts and important related information; the viewer should establish judgment and course of action when presented facts and situations.
The television, like any other media, has an emotional impact through its content any portrayal of activities or behaviors are likely to be evaluated by the audience. They way we respond to those portrayals is the factor that determines whether it influences us or not. Just by making a decision, we have already taken a view towards that action. Whether it is political rhetoric or the yelling and arguing in Jerry Springer, we as humans evaluate and discern the behavior as acceptable. This becomes dangerous when society en masse start to par take in these behaviors. Violent death to a person caused by a police officer or a criminal are both socially unwanted, but the television distort the ethical practice of such action and justifies it as common occurrence ( The repeated scenes instill a protocol of how to manage a situation. We start to uptake visual or auditory cues from shows and incorporate them in our daily lives. It is up to us to see past the rhetoric and see the real message and evaluate how it interacts within our lives

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