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Tv Is Detrimental To Kids Essay

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Television gives children bad role models that they are likely to follow. The television shows that our children watch can contain characters that are in the role of protagonist and looked up to by kids that teach them bad values, morals, and what is normal behavior. With a merging of mature content and animation Family Guy shows us a prime example of bad role models. The main character Peter Griffin is a mindless, disrespectful, and shameful dad whose escapades get his family, himself and others into dangerous situations. Peter Griffin has no respect for authority and throughout the series writers of the show use his characters to trash other show and people with little respect for anyone. ...view middle of the document...

These role models usually come from television because of the huge role it plays in their lives time wise. Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV. That is over 15% of their week watching television and learning from the experiences of their favorite characters and looking up to them. François de La Rochefoucauld a renowned French author in the mid to late 1600s once said “Nothing is so infectious as example”. Also When one is a child and sees something that in the show is being glorified one might follow that example or seek to follow that example. Take the character superman from the comics and movies and what not. Superman saves many people and is praised immensely for it and thousands of people young and old idolized him and in that case the children wanted to go around helping people and being heroic and in that case there would be a good role model coming from that. in Modern Times we have much less wholesome television programming and kids want to follow these new role models.When children start to follow these bad examples they can become more violent. An Iowa state study of over a thousand elementary student found that “those who consume high amounts of both television violence and violent video games are nearly twice as likely to engage in physically aggressive behavior as those children who consume little or no violent media content.” Many examples of overly violent television shows for children would be shows like the power rangers where violent and lengthy fights with bad guys can lead children astray.
Advertisements during televisions shows can be harmful to children. Americans get pounded with hundreds of advertisement a day most of them coming from television. Also according to the AAP, children in the U.S see 40,000 commercials in one year.Some can promote bad worldviews . One of which being materialism, kids always want the next toy because they see it on television and advertising. Advertisers target kids thousand of times during one year most of them saying all you need is this next doll or toy. And the more they see advertisements they develop product...

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