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Tv Impacts On Health Essay

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If I tell you :
* Everybody’s got one.
* Its presence is reassuring.
* At home, it has an exceptional status.

The answer is TELEVISION of course! Well, all these facts are real:
Watching TV is the third activity in term of time for western population after working and sleeping. On average, French people spend 3.5 hours a day watching TV, 4 hours a day for American people.
When I mentioned an exceptional status at home, I meant that it has pride of place on the best place of the main room, and generally the layout is done according to it – and not as a friendly circle.

Nowadays, only 3% of French households don’t have a TV set. It has become such a common thing that and ...view middle of the document...

* Moreover, spending hours watching the tube, gives the viewer the impression of being in reality. The more channels multiply, the more we think we have access to the world. A fact that’s obviously false! We only have access to a series of choices, from the journalist to the producer or fitter. The fact that we think what we watch is real is called the “balcony effect”.

Regarding intellectual:
* Television cuts us from our thoughts.
* If you think that you have learned something by watching a cultural program or news, then try to tell us in detail what it is. You’ll realize that you will remember the images you saw, but what about the information? In general, you can’t remember it, and it is normal. Unlike written or listened information provided by newspapers or the radio, television doesn’t require any concentration effort. We are totally passive in front of the box.
* The consequence for the viewer is that he loses his reflection capacity and turns into a...

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