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Tv Character Evaluation Essay

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Psychoanalysis originated with Freud’s therapy and theory of personality. Freud believed the personality consisted of three structures: the id, the ego and the superego. The id houses the desires and urges of the unconscious and constantly seeks pleasure or avoids pain by gratifying instincts through reflexive actions such as sneezing or wish fulfillment which is seeking relief from discomfort through mental images such as dreams to provide temporary relief. The ego works through intelligent reasoning and as the regulator between the id and the superego. The superego is the moral governor or conscience. When the workings of the id, ego, and superego are unbalanced, the ego may use defense ...view middle of the document...

Collective unconscious, Jung said, consists of thought archetypes that bring to mind mental images or representations; father for instance brings to mind one’s own father, perhaps God, and a protective, authoritative presence. Collective unconscious was perhaps Jung’s most significant contribution to analyticpsychology. Jung believed these archetypes assist in shaping personality. Jung separated people into two categories based on their attitude type: introverts (internal, private worlds) and extroverts (external world). Jung also specified that people were either rational (thought and feeling regulating) or irrational (actions based on senses and intuition). (Morris & Maisto, 2002)
Reba McEntire from “Reba”
According to Jung, Reba is an extrovert, her world is outside of herself, and she is typically rational or thought and feeling regulated. Based off of Rogers’ views, Reba’s character uses conditional positive regard with her children while being very vocal about her opinions; for instance, in tonight’s episode, Reba bordered on emotional abuse while letting her daughter know that she found their decision to be stupid. Freud’s theory, on the other hand, would show that Reba displaced her anger. During today’s episode, Reba experienced displacement anger when she discovered that her daughter had named her ex-husband and his new obnoxious wife as the guardian of Reba’s granddaughter in her will and she then showed regression when throwing a child-like tantrum. (Morris & Maisto, 2002)

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