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Tv Affecting People Essay

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Is TV Distancing People or Connecting People?
(Rough Draft)

Fred Allen, a comedian from the 30’s and 40’s, once said “Television is the triumph of machine over people.” In others words, Allen believes that television was made to control people; their decisions and to manipulate their opinions. Is television bad as they say? It has been a great debate trough the years. Dana Stevens; a movie critic and journalist for the “New York Times” suggests that watching TV only makes people want to watch more TV. She argues that commercials and programs on TV, including those focused on children, encourage people to watch more TV and to buy things. Thousands of programs being streamed every day in ...view middle of the document...

Television offers a great diversity of programs to people for different tastes. People think different, act different, and move different in all the ways. How boring would it be to have to watch the same content every time people turn on the TV? That is why television is at the top of all the mass media. TV offers different content at the same time; people just have to click on the remote control to watch something they like to enjoy. There are sports on TV, action movies, documentary programs, political programs and much more. All of these programs try to offer the best on every genre. Also, there are many different channels that offer more options of the same content but in different manners so people can choose over different options to watch what they like. This is a good thing because television is not monopolized by one company trying to sell the same thing all the time. TV companies try to enrich their programming by offering different kinds of programs.
Television has been a great fountain of information for people all around the world. There are hundreds of news programs in all the countries offering the most important events during the day and keep people up to date on what is going on not only in their country but in different parts of the world. Since news are very important for many people, that is why there exists lots of channels specialized in this area, trying to be the best in what they do. Channels like CNN and FOX news offer different alternatives for people to watch the news, they both try to be in the right moment where the problem is to communicate people what is going on. News can alert people about events that are coming, thus, people prevent accidents and even they could save their lives. This news are transmitted by television from different parts of the world, they all offering a fresh and new way to inform people. Being up to date has been important for people and it is what TV offers with visual content; it means for people to not only hear the news but watch the reactions and the events exactly as the way they are happening.
Television has being relevant in the last 50 years for its great real-time diffusion capacity. This means that people can be connected at the same time for the same event. It is a great advancement in technology that television can be watched in many different countries at the same time for the same purposes. There are events that are considered important for a great part of the world and incidents with the importance of being transmitted to the entire world. For example, the World Cup (soccer) an event that is hosted every 4 years and brings together the best national teams to compete for the cup. This event is watched all over the world; the final match of this competition for example was watched by 700 million people around the world. This means that the final match was watched at the same time in many different countries, so its capacity of diffusion is amazing. Kevin Alavy, a...

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