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Tutorial 3 For Utar Essay

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Task 1: The topic sentences below are followed by details. Identify the detail(s) which do not support the topic sentence.

1. Topic Sentence: Studying overseas offers students a chance to benefit from a refreshing insight into other cultures.

A. Students may get a culture shock at the beginning.
B. Food overseas is often very different in taste and presentation.
C. Fees can be very expensive.
D. There are ample opportunities to make new friends from other ethnic groups and nationalities.
E. Students get to know and be part of various festivals.
F. Students learn to live and study independently.
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F. Once students have tasted financial independence; they may falter in their studies.
G. An individual who has a full-time position in a legal firm, for instance, is often motivated to work hard towards promotions and increments in salary.

TASK 2: In this exercise you are given a thesis statement and two key points to turn into topic sentences which will head an individual paragraph each. Suggest another point and turn it into a topic sentence as well. Finally, develop 3 brief supporting points for each topic sentence.

1. Thesis statement: Malaysian habits can be categorised into the endearing, the repulsive and the amusing.
The three categories are:
Key point 1: Endearing habits
Topic sentence 1: Malaysians have __________________________________________
Supporting point 1: _______________________________________________________

Supporting point 2:________________________________________________________


Supporting point 3________________________________________________________

Key point 2: Repulsive habits
Topic sentence 2: Unfortunately,____________________________________________
Supporting point 1: _______________________________________________________

Supporting point 2:________________________________________________________


Supporting point 3:________________________________________________________
Your suggestion of a third point:
|Key Point 3: ...

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