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Kelly will turn 5 this summer and will be a bit on the young side in the fall when he starts kindergarten. The school where Kelly will attend kindergarten has started a kindergarten prep session over the summer that lasts for a couple of weeks and involves group as well as individual work on letters, numbers, etc. You enroll Kelly at the age of 4 years, 10 months. He is assessed by one of the kindergarten teachers, who observes him during free play and tests Kelly one-on-one. Then the teacher sits down with you and your partner and gives the following report:
The teacher thought Kelly was doing well with the peer group. He made several little friends in the kindergarten prep session.
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Kelly is a bit behind where the teachers would like him to be in terms of being able to count, understand quantitative relationships, and classify objects. The teacher recommends computer math games, board games or dice games involving the use of numbers.
Kelly had a real knack for the art projects the teachers had the students do, and really got interested in the pre-math activities involving working with blocks and geometric shapes.
The teacher reports that your scores on the parenting questionnaire put you slightly above average in terms of affection and warmth displayed toward your child.
The parenting questionnaire scores put you slightly above average in terms of discipline and control exercised with your child
6years…Your job has been taking you out of town repeatedly in the last two months, and Kelly has been missing you. Your partner has been irritable because of all the extra family responsibilities during the absences

5 years old……
You all have a good time at Kelly's birthday party with other soon-to-be first graders. The kids enjoy traditional birthday games, such as pin the tail on the donkey, a scavenger hunt, and a treasure hunt with a map that you made up, and clue notes in various places around the house.
There are a variety of approaches to the study of individual differences in cognitive ability. Three areas that are commonly assessed by current cognitive abilities tests are verbal ability, spatial ability, and logical-mathematical ability. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences approach added additional domains of intelligence based on developmental and neuropsychological evidence: musical ability, physical/athletic ability, intrapersonal skill (understanding of the self or emotional intelligence), interpersonal skill (social competence), and more recently, naturalistic intelligence (understanding of the natural world). In the program, levels of verbal, spatial, logico-mathematical, musical and bodily-kinesthetic ability are preset to random values at birth. These abilities can be changed slowly by a large number of environmental factors. The behavior of the child at any given point is consistent with the child's developmental level. For example, a child with high musical ability in middle childhood will be enthusiastic and talented in the school instrumental program, a child with average musical ability will take up an instrument, learn something about music, but not become accomplished at it, and a child with low musical ability will be uninterested in playing an instrument and unable to carry a tune.
The student parent has choices whether to push the child in each ability domain, and in some cases this can result in steady progress. However, it is unlikely that a child at the bottom level of musical ability will attain the highest level by the end of the program. To cite another example, children who are low in verbal ability go through the language milestones (such as speaking in grammatical sentences) at a...

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