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Turkey Vs. Taiwan Essay

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Geographic Distance

As you can see above the island of Taiwan is located in the Western Pacific between Philippines and Japan.

Turkey is bounded by the Aegean Sea on the west, on the northwest by the Sea of Marmara, Greece and Bulgaria and on the north by the Black Sea.
Taiwan is available for air and sea transportation. There are five harbors and eighteen airports in Taiwan, two of which are international. At this point we think that the sea transportation is suitable for the transport of bulky goods like hybrid cars although it is the slowest shipping method for exporting goods. In addition, sea transportation is the most preferred transportation method ...view middle of the document...

The export to Taiwan can take a long time because of the distance and the cost will increase. In addition if we want to export food products, this can be disadvantage because of the getting spoilt. Luckily we export hybrid car and the time is not an important role for getting spoilt.

Land transportation is especially costly for landlocked countries whose products need to cross borders, which are a much more costly hurdle than previously thought. Taiwan has an advantageous geographical position. Turkey is not landlocked but however it is bordered by eight countries. From this information we can say that we won’t be incurring additional costs while importing from Turkey to Taiwan and also while distributing our product within Taiwan’s borders. Also, the two governments won’t be facing additional challenge of coordinating infrastructure expenditures with the two countries.
Taiwan occupies a total area of 35,980 square kilometers (13,892 square miles). Its capital city, Taipei, is in the northeast, and is the most densely populated area in the territory. The total population in Taiwan was last recorded at 23.2 million people. As we can see in the following figure: Taiwan is 8035.87km (4993.26) far away from Turkey. The delivery time from Turkey to Taiwan by air transportation for example is between 4 and 5days which are quite ok for electronic cars or parts. We can conclude that the export is going to be faster between those two countries.

The total population in Taiwan was last recorded at 23.2 million people in 2011 from 17.9 million in 1980, changing 30 percent during the last 50 years. Population in Taiwan is reported by the World Bank. East Taiwan is a matter of geography, resulting from the remoteness of the area away from the headquarters of the VOC on the southwestern part of the island. This means that it is going to be difficult for the eastern part of the country to have access to our product Almost 47% of the population live in the eastern plains which is really not good for us exporting there. The access will be very difficult for that part of the population.
Most people live in the western portion of Taiwan where the greatest concentration of roads and railway systems are located. These roads and railway systems are well-developed. The government-owned airline in Taiwan is China Airlines. The largest airport in Taiwan can be found outside Taipei and is the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, with another international airport located in southern Taiwan at Kaohsiung. The main ports in Taiwan are Chilung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Suao and T'aishung. Taiwan has a fully integrated transportation network of railways, harbors and shipping lanes, civil aviation, freeways and highways, and rapid transit. This very good thing and will make it easy to ship our product from Turkey to Taiwan and to deliver it within Taiwan...

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