Tumultuous World Essay

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Sandy Wu
AP Eng Lit & Comp
Mr. Blank/3 February 8, 2011

Tumultuous World
1The world is full of darkness and chaos. 2,3This is Shakespeare’s interpretation in Act One of Macbeth of the chaos that is to come because the three witches and Macbeth’s wife want King Duncan dead. 4He is like many others in the world who give into persuasion. 5,6,7From Macbeth’s wonderment of becoming king to the persuasion of murdering King Duncan, William Shakespeare shows the dramatic function of why the witches are in the beginning of the play, what the witches say relate to Macbeth, and he shows the connection between Lady Macbeth ...view middle of the document...

” Moreover, the three “witches” even use the chiasmus “fair is foul, foul is fair.” This paradox describes the “brave” Macbeth who is “a good and hardy soldier” that has “black and deep desires.” Thus, Shakespeare puts “the[se] instruments of darkness” in the beginning of Act One to display the calamity and discord that they will soon bring into the play.
Subsequently, the opening phrase in Act One of the plot relates to what the “witches” say because Macbeth may seem “fair,” but he is “foul,” illustrating how evil will hide in goodness. Macbeth shows his “black” heart of vaulting ambition when he “unseams’[s]…Macdonwald
…from the nave to the chaps, and fix[es] his head upon [the] battlements.” Moreover, this is why the “Witches” have motivation to use Macbeth because King Duncan is “heaven's cherubim,” symbolizing how he is too innocent “like a naked new-born babe” to be evil . He is the “cherubim” that connects The Word of Being and The World of Becoming because he is right under the Cherub in The Great Chain of Being. Ironically, when the three witches “meet with” Macbeth, they address him as the “Thane of Cawdor,” resulting in Macbeth believing that “the two truths” that the “witches” predict are true when Ross announces to Macbeth he truly is “Thane of Cawdor.” 4Many individuals fall into traps of lies, pulling them into chaos. Thus, the start of Macbeth’s trust in the three “witches” begins where they start to tinker with fate to destroy The Great Chain of Being, resulting in the use of the ominous and murky tone Shakespeare uses. Furthermore, Macbeth “is too full o' the milk of human kindness” to plan out the murder of King Duncan, and he will not have the courage to kill him...

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