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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

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Products and services
Sicc Ink Tattoo and body piercing studio offers a safe and professional atmosphere where customers can get quality tattoos and body piercings done by our licensed and professional staff in a clean and relaxing environment. We specialize in black and grey tattoo art and the much sought after traditional Japanese style tattoos. For those interested in body piercings and accessory jewelry we offer an extremely wide range of tongue rings, hoops, studs belly button rings, and much more. We offer one of a kind, fully custom tattoos. In our studio we pride ourselves on our professionalism, workmanship, and our ability to maintain a health ...view middle of the document...

According to statistics provided by (a website for a laser removal company) 30% of college graduates, 36% of 18-25 year olds and 40% of 26–40 year olds have tattoos, but these are only percentages of a population that has a grand total of 45 million people with tattoos.
According to an article posted by Andrew Bridges, Associated Press Writer on 24% of people in the United States between the ages of 18-50 is tattooed and 36% of Americans age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.
While these statistics may not have exactly the same information the point is clear. Tattoos are extremely popular in this country and the popularity is growing. The State of Oklahoma has also only recently legalized this practice and while credible statistics for prospective tattoo and body piercing customers may be difficult to find, the numbers of these potential customers in this state are much higher than Sicc Ink’s or its competitors will need to stay in business for years to come.

Potential competitors
Here in Oklahoma We have around 60 tattoo studios state wide. In the city of Enid where our main office is located we have only three competitors which are:
* Labtech Piercing 2915 E Elm Ave, Enid, OK, 73701
* Red Dirt Ink Tattoo Studio 1929 W Owen K Garriott Rd, Enid, OK, 73703
* Drifter’s Grindhouse Tattoo Parlor 123E. Broadway, Enid, OK, 73702
* Omocke Ink Tattoos 910 W. Randolph, Enid, Oklahoma 73701
Of these shops we see Omacke Ink as being the only business that can compete with us locally as far as our tattoo service is concerned but we are more known for our piercing services and our extended inventory of body jewelry than Omocke Ink and the quality of our work far exceeds that of Omocke Ink. The only other competition we have that is able to generate as much business as we are able to is 23rd street body piercing in Oklahoma City.

Our local competitors are charging customers a whopping $100.00 an hour for a lower quality work than what we offer at Sicc Ink for 25 to 50% less than what we charge and in the entire state we have found only two or three other shops that can compete with our services. Buy our prices and value still surpasses that of our competitors’, and we are able to do this because of our fiercely competitive pricing strategy. Our prices are not determined by the amount of time a tattoo requires to be completed, but by prices we need to charge to a cover all costs and deliver a reasonable profit margin. Beyond this we do not try to get too ambitious with our pricing. When pricing our work we take into consideration the overall benefit our tattoo and piercings will have not only for the shop but for our customer as well. We factor in the style of the work being done as it effects the style we are known for in the market, the loyalty of our customers, the high frequency of repeat business our customers bring us, and the marketing contributions made by our customers through the...

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