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Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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Employee Benefits:
Tuition Reimbursement Program

Benefits department

(Axia College XCOM-285 wk 7)

This past year here at company X we have had a very profitable year; and it’s important that we do everything that we can to make sure that we maintain this strong progression forward. Now, of course we have made strong financial strides; and we will continue to improve on the external factors that have gotten us to this point. However, I feel that it is imperative that we also pay close attention to the internal factors that will pay dividends for this company in the long run.
As many of you know, it was approved in the budget some time ago to add the employee tuition ...view middle of the document...

So this is not only a program that we can promote from within but one we can market to the public.
Having a degree in business or communications will allow our employees to contribute on a more professional level with the company. For we will be able to promote these employees to more creative and challenging positions, and even take credit for those employees that may decide to move on to another company, we can take the credit for improving that persons employability and improvement in their life. But, it should be fair to say that those employees, who have decided to take advantage of the reimbursement program, will feel a deeper sense of loyalty towards the company and not want to leave. This in turn should increase employee moral and productivity.
When we look at the impact of having a degree can have on people’s lives, the first thing that we need to look at is salary increases. We have many employees who are currently in the salary range on average of $30,000 per year. And unfortunately due to their lack of education in specific fields their earning power will remain within a certain limited range. However, those with a BA can demand anywhere from $10-20,000 more per year. This alone should be enough of a selling point to gain a worth while amount of employees to enter the program. With that said, the increase in employee education will create stronger thinkers and leaders on all levels within the company. And as I touched on previously, it will make us a more attractive company to our current consumers and create future ones. Thus creating a domino effect; more qualified employees will lead to and increase in moral and productivity. Which in turn will lead too an increase in sales, which will then lead to an expansion in the company; allowing us to open more locations, promote more staff from within and hire more new outside...

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