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Tuition Fee Essay

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Education is the most important asset that anyone can acquire. Education is the key to success in life. As a student getting a good education is important. It is well known that American education is acknowledged around the world. Getting an American education will lead to a better paying jobs but the cost of higher education in America has significantly increased over the past three decades especially for international students. International students’ tuition should be reduced because it will bring more international students to schools and it also helps the students to perform better at school.
The United States is the second most expensive country for international students after ...view middle of the document...

Overlapping between work and school brings a tendency of lying as many students are not capable of handling academic requirements and work pressure that hinder them from excelling (Stephanie 324).
Just like me, most of the international students prefer going to a community college before transferring to a 4-year university course. Going to a Community College first makes it a lot cheaper than going straight to the 4-year university program. Attending a community college before completing a bachelor’s degree in a 4-year institution saves one a sizable chunk of change, since fees and tuition at a public community college averages less than half that of a 4-year program at the university. Taking 15 credits at a community college would cost around 3,500 US Dollars while it would cost 8,000 US Dollars to take the same number of credits under the university program. Moreover, attending a community college means operating from home, which has great financial benefits in terms of saving a lot of money on living expenses as compared to room and boarding facilities that make up a significant percentage of costs at the university(John 242). In most cases, the 4-year university education forces students to take out many loans that leave them in bad debt by the time they leave school. The good thing about community college is that one can later transfer the grades to the 4-year university program and get chances for a better paying job just like any other university graduate. Additionally, schedules in a community college are much more flexible in comparison to the university ones, thereby giving the college students time to work whilst still in college and save good amount of money without necessarily compromising their education. An excellent performance from the community college could see someone get full or partial sponsorship at the university and thereby helping to reduce university costs, making it more affordable. All these factors paired with grants, scholarships and federal aid, enable students to attend community colleges almost for free, which is definitely the best way to manage money.
The high costs at the American universities restrict international students who would be willing to study in America, since they are too high to afford. For instance, most of my friends back at home in Indonesia would have wanted to continue with their studies in the U.S. but were hindered by the high unaffordable cost, prompting them to choose other countries such as Germany, Canada and Singapore where tuition is much cheaper and affordable. Though the high fee is beneficial to U.S.’s higher education export sector in terms of bringing them profits, it should be fixed in a...

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