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Trust Issues Essay

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1. Write about an occasion when you lost a large sum of money entrusted to you for safe keeping.

“I hope you understand how important this money is to me,” said Lisbeth.
“I’ll be back in a week,” she continued.
“Don’t worry, your money’s in safe hands,” I replied. If only I knew how wrong I would be.

We parted ways with me taking along the large envelope filled with money. The amount of money present could easily pay for a first class air ticket to New York. It felt strange to be holding a large sum of money in my hands. I held it tightly against me, making sure nothing happens to it. If only I was as careful later on.

I hailed a taxi to take me home. I thought of the many ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, the driver saw the envelope and took the money.

I did not know what to do. I felt utterly at fault and blameworthy.

I went to the bank next, and checked my account balance. “$24,107.16” The screen read. It was more than enough to cover the amount Lisbeth left me with. Without hesitation, I withdrew the amount I needed.

Thinking back, I did not know what made me do it. My fingers went straight to the “withdraw” button like it was the most natural thing to do. I guess deep down, I did not want to let Lisbeth down. Or that maybe I knew I could never live with the guilt of losing a large sum of money that belonged to my sister. I felt that it was the only way to correct what I had done wrong. I never told anyone about this. Not even Lisbeth.

A week later, I met up with Lisbeth to pass her the money. She looked better than before. I sincerely hoped that she had done what she was supposed to and that she was in a safe place.

“Here you go,” I said with a smile.

She hugged me for the first in years and replied, “I knew I could count on you.”.

Section Two

To: Mr Mikael Yong
Vice-principal of CHIJ ST. THERESA’S CONVENT

From: Anita Lim
President of the Student’s Council

10th March 2011

Title: Chengdu High School exchange programme

In a month, about twenty students from Chengdu High School, China is going to join our school for one day to observe the layout and lifestyle of our school everyday activities which includes a lesson and CCA observation along with a learning journey. The student’s council and myself have been tasked to choose one programme for each activity that the students would be doing and this is our final proposal.

Lesson Observation: Social Studies lesson on Singapore

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