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Create a Problem Statement: Kudler Fine Foods

Kathy Kudler has always had a fascination for gourmet foods, wines, and different beverages; in fact, Kathy decision to open a gourmet food store was brought to surface as she noticed how hard it was to find different ingredients for gourmet meals and beverages. When Kathy realized that she was not alone in her frustration, she began implementing ways to shop for the ingredients in one place. The strategic objectives of this company are to lead the market in offering gourmet products in a one stop and shop atmosphere, continual updating ideas, goods, and products. In fact, one of Kudler Fine Food’s main objectives is to maintain a healthy ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the majority of the business complications and decisions fell upon the owner, thereby, diminishing the owner’s role in the multitude of tasks incumbent upon her.
an end vision of Kudler Fine Foods by describing where Kudler could be if this opportunity is realized by management action today
Based on the businesses’ current situation, the existing opportunities could be numerous. Considering the company’s strengths of no direct competition, variety of choices, and business concept, Kudler could be placed as a gourmet grocery store leader, and has its own brand or trade mark of products symbolizing high quality. These trademarks can be distributed out of the current geographic area allowing to market the products in order to open doors for future store expansion. Besides having her own trademark, Kathy could create a franchise business of Kudler Fine Foods and convert it in a grocery store chain and have a geographic expansion based on the same philosophy, market segment and culture of the La Jolla location. This option could give her the opportunity to concentrate on just one store and have the time to develop some other areas like the catering services, and for creating a better marketing plan. Also, she could have the alternative in the future of just living from the franchise sales, including a possible quarterly or yearly net sales profit percentage, giving her the option of a complete or partial retirement. Recruitment of a manager with the knowledge and skills of the food and spirits industry. This manager could bring the experience of how to minimize current unnecessary duties, help run the operations, and know how to deal with the...

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2271 words - 10 pages . 124-146. Robert Sharkie, (2009) "Trust in leadership is vital for employee performance", Management Research News, Vol. 32 Iss: 5, pp.491 – 498. Samson, D & Daft, R.L, 2009, Management, 3rd Asia Pasific Edition, Cengage Learning, Victoria, Australia. Toth, E. (2000) ‘From personal influence to interpersonal influences: A model for relationship management’, in Ledingham, J. and Bruning, S. ‘Public relations as relationship


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