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Truman Show Essay

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Truman Essay "Mommy! Daddy! You're the best!" exclaimed Matthew. Commonly, throughout childhood, children tend to believe that their world is perfect. Their parents are held as heroes in their minds, and they are carefree and happy. Children often accept how their parents present life to them. Truman Burbank grew up on a live television show. He never suspected that his whole world was an elaborate illusion because of very influential actors, which posed as Truman's parents. As Truman grew up and began to formulate his own ideas, he realized that his perfect world in Paradise wasn't everything he originally perceived it to be. Truman experiences a "loss of innocence" as he becomes ...view middle of the document...

Everything ran smoothly because Christof had total control to make sure Truman had nothing to fear. Christof played the protective father role extremely well by wanting the best for his assumed "son". Truman was an innocent child and was raised to believe that everything was perfect in Paradise, the city he lived in. As commented on by the twin brothers, "Beautiful day, isn't it?…Always!" Being brought up in Paradise Truman, didn't realize that his parents, friends, and coworkers were actors. This is an example of his innocence. If Truman had questioned life or had become a troublemaker, the show would have undoubtedly failed, because Truman would have become unsheltered and discover the truth at an earlier time. Instead he never questioned the answers and meanings of life, which were presented to him. Slowly technical difficulties happened which cause Truman to look at his world closely. A stage light falls from the sky in front of Truman's house, his radio picks up the frequencies of controllers following him, and he runs into a random office building to discover the back of a set where an elevator wall should have been. All these experiences help Truman realize that his world wasn't existent. This is the first time Truman loses part of his innocence and become suspicious of the people around him. The ethical stage is where the human is bound to their old life even though they know the truth, that their old life is an illusion.Memories of Lauren telling him that, "Everyone knows about it…everyone is pretending," "Everything is fake, it's a set, it's a show, everyone is watching you." This helped him grasp that his world was not the same, as he originally perceived it. Truman becomes unsheltered as he tries to discover the truth about the world around him. Slowly Truman realized that he needed to leave his paradise, which became more like a cell to him. However, in all his attempts something went wrong. The flights to Fiji were booked for a month, the bus to Chicago broke down, and when Truman tried to drive out of town with his wife Meryl, traffic suddenly appeared to block their way.Truman commented to Meryl, "Blocked at every turn. Beautifully synchronized don't you think?" He then pretended to turn around to go home, but since he knew there was a conspiracy against him he raced back to the same street.Once there he told Meryl, "Same road, no cars. It's magic." Truman then becomes angry because everything he has ever known is no longer real. He races to the edge of the town where a bridge crossing water stops him. Ever since his dad died from a storm while sailing on the ocean Truman has feared the sea. Truman gathers the courage to face life's difficulties. He starts to live dangerously by closing his eyes and telling Meryl to drive as he floors the gas pedal. Once they safely across the bridge a construction sign warned them about the extreme danger of a forest fire. Truman ignores the warning, and when a fire...

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