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Truman Show 3 Essay

1031 words - 5 pages

T- topic sentence
E - evidence
E - Explain
L - Link
WE the viewers; difference between us as viewers of the film and the viewers of the tv show IN the film.
DO NOT USE: I, we, you
DO NOT: Summarise the plot of the movie
When you think you’re about to write “ I think that” cross it out and write would come after that. E.g. “I think that because Truman...” < cross it out and go from ‘because’
“Hi Christof, I’d like to say one thing. You’re a liar and a manipulator and what you’ve done to Truman is sick.” Sylvia is the only person in the film who truly cares about Truman. Discuss.
Essay Topic to question.

Introduction: Is Sylvia the only person in the film who truly cares ...view middle of the document...

EXPLAIN: Even though other callers were shown to have called on the actual movie, no one else stood up for Truman. She watches him every day and every night just like every other viewer around the world, but because she has actually been in the dome, lived there, met him, talked to him, tried to save him from his false reality, she feel’s that much stronger about the topic and Truman himself.
LINK: In a major way this proves how strongly Sylvia still cares for Truman even after being taken off the show for trying to expose the truth behind the lies.
Paragraph 2)
TOPIC SENTENCE: Though Sylvia was the one person who cared the MOST she was not alone.
EVIDENCE/EXPLAIN: Sylvia was indeed a person who had the most feelings towards Truman and that was because of her experience of living in the dome, but there were others who cared about him, and they were the audience in the movie. All through the 30 years or so of Truman’s life they have been watching him, and they have grown accustom to his presence on their TV screens. Some people could have grown emotionally attached to him, they were hooked on this reality TV show.
Some people, such as Sylvia, were apart of a campaign, a campaign called “”Free Truman,” these were the people who cared about Truman’s well being, they wanted him to be free and live a normal human life just like every one else. Because Truman was such a “TRUE MAN” it made peoples passion to free him that much stronger, he wasn’t fake in the least, all his tears cried were real, his laughter was genuine. It’s just as the conversation went at the end of both The Truman Show and the movie between Christof and Truman;
“Was nothing real?” - Truman
“You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch.” - Christof.

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