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Truman Foreign Policy “Let’s Keep Score”

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Truman Foreign Policy “Let’s Keep Score”

The First Couple of Things He Did
• 1. UN Established June 26, 1945 (Tie)
▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ April 1945, 50 Nations met in San Francisco HQ in New York Permanent Members-US, UK, China, USSR, France Trygve Lie-1st UN Secretary General

• 2. US Drops Atomic Bombs (Win)
▫ Hiroshima August 6th ▫ Nagasaki August 9th

3. German Occupation (Tie)
• Potsdam Conference-splits Germany into 4 Occupation Zones ▫ US, UK, France (West Germany) ▫ USSR (East Germany • Also Split Berlin (4 Zones) • Promised to crush NAZI party ▫ Nuremberg Trials-sentenced 11 to death

4. Japanese Occupation (Win)
• Only US controlled the rebuilding of Japan ▫ Did not want to split Japan like Germany • Create a Democratic government • Supreme Commander Douglas MacArthur ▫ He wrote the constitution ▫ Not militaristic! ▫ No more weapons/army

5. Eastern Europe (Loss)
• Right after the war, Stalin takes the Baltic States ▫ ...view middle of the document...

” • What does this mean???

Marshall Plan
• European Recovery Act • April 3, 1948 • Aid package to prevent the countries of Western Europe from turning to communism • $12 Billion to France & Italy to stay strong and free • $400 million to Greece & Turkey

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
• July 12, 1949 • 9 Western European nations, US, Canada • 1st time in US history where we joined into a “defensive alliance” • “If any one country is attacked it is regarded as an attack on all.” • Supreme Commander-Dwight Eisenhower

National Security Act (1947)
• July 26, 1947 • Created the Department of Defense ▫ All Military Forces under 1 Command ▫ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs • Created Central Intelligence Agency • Created the National Security Council

7. Greece and Turkey (Win)
• 1st true application of containment! • Why here? ▫ USSR wanted a warm water port into the Mediterranean ▫ Test the resolve of the US! • Gave $400 million under Marshall Plan to keep them free!

8. Israel (Win)
• Recognized May 14, 1948 • 11 minutes after Israel declared their independence • Reasons for recognition??? ▫ Humanitarian-Holocaust & 6 million Jews ▫ Political-Truman is in a struggle in the Election of 1948 ▫ Containment-Not allow the USSR to expand!!

9. Berlin Crisis (Win)
• June 26, 1948-May 12, 1949 • USSR cut off access to W. Berlin by rail, street, canal • Now what does Truman do? ▫ Nothing-Appeasement! (Bad) ▫ Invade-WWIII (Bad) ▫ Berlin Airlift (Stalin’s Decision) • Institutes Berlin Airlift! • Have to haul 5000 tons of supplies into W. Berlin ▫ Planes took off every 3 minutes ▫ Toilet Paper Run!!

10. Vietnam (Tie)

• August 15, 1945 • Ho Chi Minh declares independence from French • Under Truman Doctrine who should we help? • July 27, 1950 • Truman sent 300 advisors and $3 Billion in aid to the French in order to fight communism

• October 1, 1949 ▫ Mao Zedong (Communist) ▫ Chiang Kai-shek (Nationalist)

11. China Becomes Communist (Loss)

• Mao’s communists overrun the nationalists who flee to Formosa (Taiwan) ▫ Why? Mao had the support of the people ▫ Mao had USSR support • In response, Truman sent in the 7th fleet to protect Taiwan • China is represented by Taiwan in the UN!!!

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