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Truearth Healthy Foods Case Study

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TruEarth Healthy Foods

1. Read, reflect on and analyze the company situation within the context of a changing wine industry.

2. Think about an outline all of the external, internal, competitive, market, and consumer factors, changes and trends affecting Mondavi in their business model.

3. Analyze Mondavi on the industry using the tools you now know of, such as SWOT analysis, factor analysis, competitive matrices and Porter's five forces. What are your conclusions about competitive position and options for future growth?

To answer:

4. Why was Cucina Fresca pasta successful?

First of all, because it’s healthy. Also it’s easy to cook, it’s fast and tasty (in ...view middle of the document...

6. How would you compare the actual product development process for each?

For pasta: during first years business was running by intuition and after some missteps company implemented four-step process for R&D.
For pizza: as in company people had different opinions about launching pizza they developed a pizza concept, tested idea broadly, did interviews (BASES II Line extension study) and researches, gave samples and promoted product with photos and description of each ingredient and estimated necessary volume of production.

7. Using the forecast model for pasta shown in Exhibit 5, what is your forecast of the demand for pizza?

Have a look at exhibit 6: “definitely would buy” answers is only 18 % in total and “probably would buy” id 43 %. It’s not a high result for trial testing and according to the rule of thumb: 80 % of those who claim they “definitely would buy” and 30 % of those who “probably would buy” actually completed a purchase, resulting in a 36 % trial rate, so in this case launching a pizza seem not really profitable. And in Table B level of customer awareness 50 % and percentage of repurchasing is 49 %. In my opinion, it’s not the right time to launch it or not a right product.

8. What can the TruEarth team learn from Exhibit 6 about how consumers view pizza?

Most of consumers...

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