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True Mobile Tv Next Generation Product

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1.Executive SummaryIn January, 2006, XVD's competitor On2 Technologies announced their partnership with XM to provide XM Satellite Video service by using its True Motion VP7 video compression technology. Similarly, XM's rival Sirius is also planning to roll out its in-car video service in 2008. As Mobile TV is increasingly considered the new killer application in the mobile telecom world, it has offered new opportunities to device-makers, content producers and advertisers, and value-chain infrastructures owner and operators. It also provides XVD new market opportunities with every vendor above with its world's most advanced real-time video compression technology.Market analysts ABI Research ...view middle of the document...

Personalization and interactivity will be the key drivers of this new product line. As Illustrated in Figure 1, the proposed HD Mobile TV is a DVB-H compatible device that supports video, audio and file broadcast featuring MP3 capabilities, removable storage, legal downloading, interactive services, programs on demand, user generated content uploading, cellular compatibility and DVR-like functionality. The data will be transmitted over satellite/ terrestrial network in the near term (2007-2008) and WIMAX network in the long term. This new generation of portable unit will be not only enabling broadcasters and services providers to repurpose their existing content and extend television to mobile devices, but also allowing the users to upload and broadcast the their own contents to other mobile users in the near future.To tap into this nascent market, a new R& D team should be formed under the umbrella of existing engineering department. Ideally a relative new sales and marketing team along R&D team should be established. But this might involved the whole organizational restructuring.This new mobile TV product development will be a three-phase and roughly five-year project. Phase one will be product development stage, and phase two and three will be product production and pilot market network test stage. Phase three will be full production and continually marketing stage. The budget for R&D estimates about 2 millions in the first one and 4 millions in the rest 4 years in total.XVD is planning to target mobile consumer in the US domestic market at first, then expand to Asia market upon expansion of its global sales channels.Source: from NokiaSource: SamsungFigure 1-1 Examples of Next Generation Mobile TV Product2.Market Analysis, Market Segmentation and User Needs2.1.Industry Description and Market Growth DriversThe mobile TV is potentially one of the most disruptive technologies on the horizon for mobile operators, broadcasters and content providers. Currently there are a few pilot networks installed worldwide in place such as France, Finland, Italy, South Korea, China and US. Research firm IDC anticipates that by 2009, over 30 million subscribers in the U.S. will be consuming commercial video/TV content and services on wireless devices. In-Stat predicts mobile video services in the U.S. will generate revenues of $5.4 billion by 2009, with over 20 million Americans subscribing.Personalization and interactivity will be the key drivers of mobile TV according to a new report commissioned by Nokia and conducted by Dr Shani Orgad from the London School of Economics. The report predicts that the introduction and adoption of mobile TV will ultimately give way to a more personal and private TV experience than that of traditional broadcast TV, which brings a new and vast market opportunities for network operation, chipset makers and content providers and advertisers.Mobile TV programming will be a combination of original content from broadcast...

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