True Earth Case Study

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1. What factors led to the success of Cucina Fresca Pasta? How is the Pizza opportunity similar/different by comparison to the Pasta experience?
The following table compares pasta and pizza opportunity scenarios implying similarities, differences and also synergies between them (specifically for the pizza introduction). The PROS section of Pasta states the possible factors that lead to the success of Cucina Fresca.

2. Using the forecast model for Pasta used in Exhibit 5, what is your forecast for Pizza? Hint: Don’t neglect to use the data in Table B and Exhibit 7
Considering the information from Exhibit 7 and Table B, in addition to the assumption of the use of the same repurchase ...view middle of the document...

TruEarth provides a limited offering consisting on 3 different toppings that can be combined the way the customer wants. However, that might not satisfy all potential customers preferences. Nonetheless, TruEarth scores higher (7.9 and 6.7 points) than refrigerated pizza (7.2 and 6.3 points), but has a lot of homework to do if the company wants to compete with take-out pizza.
In terms of quality attributes, consumers prefer a pizza made with high-quality and healthy ingredients, and TruEarth pizza outstands in this category with 8.1 and 9.1. Furthermore, TruEarth outstands in the section of healthy ingredients, making it a Point of Difference that must be used and communicated as a strong differentiator attribute.
Therefore, comparing TruEarth pizza concept with take-out and refrigerated pizza, results show that on average TruEarth pizza has better evaluation than refrigerated pizza in terms of usage, taste and quality attributes. Furthermore, in terms of substitution, TruEarth has better chances on changing customers from this category (6 points out of 17) than from any other category.
However, results are not favorable when comparing usage and taste attributes of TruEarth and take-out pizza. In addition, analyzing eating occasions, customers from take-out pizza would still prefer consuming take-out pizza (43%) in the next 10 eating occasions if True Earth's concept is available. Therefore, take-out pizza is a strong substitute and competitor of TruEarth pizza.
Finally, Exhibit 6 shows customer's insights that helps with the True Earth's STP process, since 35-year old male doesn't feel benefited by the introduction of True Earth's new concept.
Therefore, customers perceive TruEarth concept as a better product, with superior qualities and benefits, than refrigerated/frozen pizza. However, the value proposition of TruEarth pizza is beneath of take-out pizza.
4. How do the results for Pizza in Exhibits 7 and 8 compare to those for Pasta in 3 and 4?
Purchase intentions for both, pasta and pizza, are shown in Exhibit 3 and Exhibit 7. Results shows that 76% of respondents would have the intention of buying Cucina Fresh pasta, which is higher than the 60% of purchasing intention for TruEarth pizza. Likewise, the mean likeability (4.1) and mean price/value rating (3.2) of Cucina Fresh...

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