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True Colors Essay

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The True You
Everyone in this world is unique and special in his or her own way. Each individual has their own personality, but when compared to others a lot of traits are common amongst everyone. Finding out your true color, not only helps discover what type of person you are it always helps you understand those around you. I took the true colors test, a series of questions that asked what I prefer, what I would do, etc. While taking the true colors test I had a hard time describing myself and picking exactly which color I was, but I made sure to answer everything truthfully. In the end, I discovered that I am the color orange. The core needs and values of orange are we need freedom, adventure, spontaneity, excitement, competition and we are skillful. I believe that the color orange describes me very well.
I personally believe that working on team projects can be a challenge, but after learning ...view middle of the document...

Lastly I would consider myself as having a positive upbeat personality so I would bring a lot of positive energy to my group, so we will do a great job on our project. Group projects can be difficult but working with other colors really balances out your group dynamic.
When you are with your close friends and family, your true personality comes out. As an orange I have some weaknesses; I can be seen as loud, rude, and impatient. I personally do not see myself as being these traits, but sometimes my family will have to tell me to pay attention and quiet down. I am really close with my family so they know the true me. My mom and sister are my best friends and we discovered that both of their colors were blue, which was my second color. We are all really similar and this test made it clear how alike we all are. This also happened with my friends, a majority of them turned out to be orange like me. I do not see this as a coincidence though because I tend to surround myself with those who are most like me. Of course there are some of my friends who didn’t get orange but we found that we chose a lot of the same answers in the test.
My weakest color is gold. Gold tends to be very neat. This is where I personally struggle. When you walk into my room you would think that there was an attack because things are thrown everywhere, but I actually know where everything is. Gold is also likely to have to-do lists. I try to make them but I usually forget what I do with them. I really need to strengthen my gold. Having gold in me could really help me to become more successful and organized in everything that I do.
Knowing all this information from the true colors test can only benefit you. Overall the test will help you identify exactly who you are, by explaining to you your personality. You can also understand people around you and determine how you work with others. It will help you recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are. In the end it will help you build positive relationships with your family and peers. After taking the true colors test I have gained more self-confidence because I really have a feel about who I am.

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