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True Cinderella Essay

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What You Teach Your Kids
Parents in modern day society love to scream about what people can and can't teach their children. After all, children are highly impressionable, and monitoring what one's kids see and hear is a crucial part of being a parent. It is this concern that causes numerous angry parents to show up at every school PTA meeting and yell at that the schools complain that they shouldn't be teaching their children subjects such as sexual education and evolution. While some may find these parents reactions ridiculous and bizarre, it is well with in their parental rights to protest. Although, what many of these parents fail to realize is they are teaching their children many of ...view middle of the document...

For example in Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm's version of the tale Cinderella goes to the hazel tree planted on top of her mothers grave and says, “Shiver and quiver my little tree, Silver and gold throw down over me. Then the bird threw down a gold and silver dress down to her, and slippers embroidered with silk and silver.”(Grimm 243) Furthermore in the Grimm's version, the next day Cinderella repeats these same word and receives an even grander dress. Those who say Cinderella abuse was her working for those beautiful garments couldn't be more wrong. Cinderella didn't know she was going to obtain these extravagant gifts prior to accepting abuse, these gifts were miraculously bestowed upon her. Not once does any version of the story say that Cinderella was accepting her abuse because she knew she was going to get her dress and slippers. If the tale was about a girl named Cinderella who sewed her own dress and then went to ball then it would be a tale teaching the value of hard work; but as it stands the tale is just giving children a sense of entitlement.
Now more then ever children are being sexualized and have vast amounts of importance placed on their appearance. If one flips on the television they can watch shows such as “Toddlers and Tiaras”. A show about young children being dressed up in revealing clothing and being paraded around on stage. The sexualization doesn't stop there, Barbies, Bratz dolls, and Monster High dolls are all common children's toys that are all scantily dressed up in various outfits. Cinderella contributes to placing this importance on appearances by having the Prince that fall in love with Cinderella based on her looks. The Prince doesn't love Cinderella because she is a hard worker, he loves her simply because she is the hot chick at the ball. Even in the Disney version, “Cinderella was the loveliest of them all. The Prince never left her side, all evening long.”(Campbell 249) Cinderella isn't teaching children to be diligent workers, it teaches children to be vain. That who someone truly is isn't half as important as what...

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