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Troubleshooting Intervlan Routing And Host Configuration Issues

687 words - 3 pages

Lab Title Configure and verify interVLAN routing using a router on a stick

Your Name: Cruz Galvan
DSI Number: D40495378
DeVry University
Date: 20160123

Professor Name: Mario Kosseifi

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Procedure 3
Results 3
Application and Analysis 3
Questions 3
Conclusion and Recommendation 4
Lessons Learned 4
References 4

Discuss what you will do in this lab. Provide some background information on the main idea in this lab and discuss the purpose of the lab activity.
We will be troubleshooting interVLAN routing and host configuration issues. From reading through this lab I will be using my troubleshooting ...view middle of the document...

From the information given, can you develop a set of instructions to implement the solution in a small-to medium-sized network?
What, if anything, would you change before applying the lab activity in a production (live) network?

What vertical market (Financial, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Telecommunications, etc.) does this lab activity align with the most? Why?
How was this lab activity similar to other labs that you have done in the past?
Can you distinguish between concepts and application?

1. What new concepts or theories have you learned about after completing this lab activity?
2. In this class, we use the three steps approach to complete the lab activity. The steps include plan, implement, and verify. Discuss and explain how you execute each step in this lab activity.
3. What challenges, if any, have you encountered in this lab? How have you addressed those challenges? If you have not experienced any challenge, tell us what new troubleshooting commands you have learned this week and how that...

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