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Troubleshooting Essay

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Gabriel Stoecker
NT2640/ Thursday
Troubleshooting Procedures
ITT Institute Virtual Library; Method and System for performing simplified troubleshooting procedures to isolate connectivity problems. “Initializing the proxy client module with the identity of a VLAN on which the client computer is connected and which an IP address of the end station in a network, with the client IP address and client MAC address, the identity of the VLAN and the IP address of the end station provided by a remote computer coupled to the third port of the switch; disabling the first port of the switch; with the proxy client module having a logical interference with the VLAN and utilizing the IP address of the ...view middle of the document...

By launching “Traceroute” in Linux you will send a series of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets toward your target with a TTL starting at 1, and increasing with 1 until the target is reached.
Fully explained; let us say you have a path to
Avoiding Reserved IP Addresses
1st thing to check on (mentioned in text)
* Addresses that are always reserved
* Two addresses that are reserved in each subnet
* Addresses in two special subnets of each classful network, namely the zero subnet and broadcast subnet.
0 (because network is always reserved)
127 (because network is always reserved)
224-239 (all Class D multicast IP Addresses)
240-255(all Class E experimental IP Addresses)
1. Host Networking Commands
The host typically uses DHP, DNS, ARP, and ICMP. As a clue we are able to manage routing at what properties; whether it was sent via Microsoft based computer etc. DNS connects by default, configured with the IP Address of at least one DNS server in order to perform name resolution on a network.
Viewing the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache:
a. Open the Command Prompt
b. At the command prompt, type arp-a
If you just tried to Ping command to test and verify connectivity this computer to minimize ARP broadcast traffic on your network, a cache of hardware-to-software address mapping is maintained for further use. This cache contains the following two types of entries:
* Dynamic Cache Entries...

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