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Trouble Shoot Essay

4810 words - 20 pages

C series Faultfinding Guide

Version 2.0

TANDBERG University

Introduction to Fault Finding 1

Telephone support guide 1

TANDBERG C Series Diagnostics 2

C series Common Faults Guide 4

I cannot see myself 4

I cannot see the far end 4

I cannot hear the far end or they can’t hear me 5

The system won’t power up 8

The screen is blank 8

The remote control is not responding 9

No menus are visible on the system 10

The Sound quality is very poor 10

I can hear myself back 11

I have no LAN connection 13

Gatekeeper registration failed 13

Poor video Quality on IP (Packetloss) 13

C series Advanced Diagnostic tools 14

Setting up a ...view middle of the document...

To access the system information screen:
1. Bring up the Home Menu (The House Icon on the remote)
2. Press the fifth soft-key on the remote

The System Information screen is broken into two main categories. On the left is System Information, on the right is basic information about the status of the call including:


1. The system you called, The call rate and protocol (H323 or SIP) – the fact that these are present also tells us the capabilities exchange between the two units was successful
2. Video protocols, rate, packet loss and Jitter
3. Audio protocols, rate, packet loss and Jitter
4. Encryption type

Small amounts of packet loss are normal and not really something to worry about however if the picture quality is poor or the amount of packet loss is over 10% of the total then you may have a network issue.

C series Common Faults Guide

I cannot see myself

Firstly establish that the user can see the menus. If there are no menus visible, ask them to press the OK button on the remote control to bring up the menu. If nothing is visible then go to ‘The screen is blank’ section of this user guide.

Secondly establish what the user can see. When a user says they ‘cannot see myself’ do they mean the camera is showing the room they are in but they are not on camera or do they mean they cannot see their room at all? If they can see their room, then simply talk the user through moving the camera.

Thirdly establish if the users system is in a call or not. Can the far end be seen on screen? If yes, then determine if the system is a single or dual monitor system. If single then ask the user to press the layout key to bring up the picture-in-picture. Can he see his room now? If two monitors are in use, what can be seen on the other screen? If nothing, go to ‘The screen is blank’ section or if a PC image is visible ask him to press the layout key to bring up the picture-in-picture.

If there is still no picture or a remote picture with a ‘black box’ where the picture-in-picture should be then check the following:
• Is the camera source on the main camera?
• Press the Selfview button [pic] on the remote control to test if the Main Camera is working
Make sure you are not sending any other video streams other than the Main Camera.
o Press the blue Presentation button [pic] on the remote or access the main menu, choose presentation, and confirm the Main Cam is selected as the main Video Source
• Is the video cable firmly plugged into the camera and the codec?
• Reboot the system
• Check another camera source or PC image to ensure they are functioning
• Change the main cable between the camera and the codec. Even if the remote is working a bent pin could cause the video to fail.
• Swap out the camera
• Contact TAC

I cannot see the far end

When ever a fault potentially involves the far end then the most important step is to establish which site has a problem. ...

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