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Triumph Of The Will Movie Review

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The general theme of the Riefenstahl’s film is to display the greatness in Adolf Hitler as a mighty leader while presenting the tremendous return of Germany to power. The director uses a variety of film making techniques like aerial photography, use of long focus lenses, and camera movement. Riefenstahl applies aerial photography in scenes like the landing of Hitler’s plane. She makes sure that the camera floats through the clouds before Hitler’s plane comes in to view. As the plane hovers above Nuremberg, it casts a cross shaped shadow on the crowd that has assembled to welcome Hitler.
The film begins with the only commentary prologue in it. The prologue consists of texts shown in a grey ...view middle of the document...

According to Nazi leaders, “Der Fuhrer” displayed the strength of will that a leader needs to save the country from communism. Indeed, Hitler was a messiah for the Germans.
When Hitler and his aids arrive at the airport, the cheering crowd receive them with a tremendous applause. Hitler acknowledges the crowd and proceeds to the airport. The people who accompany Hitler to are equally enthusiastic. Hitler is then driven to his hotel. At the hotel, Hitler holds a big crowded rally in the night. From the cheering crowd, a person can deduce that the people of Germany like Hitler. Hitler’s and a few other Nazi officials proceed to make brief speeches in a large indoor rally. The film only shows a small bit of the officials’ speeches are shown. There is a beautiful nightfall that engulfs Nuremberg. In the night, parades appear on the old streets of the city. The parades appear in small groups of people who carry torches. The people carrying the torches sing patriotic songs in the streets.
On the second day, the film displays images of the dawn in Nuremberg. The dawn may be a symbol of a new beginning in Germany. The dawn is beautiful and deserted. The camera focuses on the aerial view of the city. From above, the city appears grew and silent. Therefore, the dawn at Nuremberg shows that the country is destined for change; a positive change. Then, the film shows people who are preparing to attend the inauguration of the Reich Party Congress. Within massive campground of tents, young men appear to get up a bath in shared basins. Thereafter, the film focuses of the breakfast that is being made on massive vats. The young men appear eat together and play games that make them happy. Moreover, all the young men have smiles on their faces.
Top officials of the Nazi arrive at the Luitpold Arena. Rudolf Hess, one of the top officials in Hitler’s leadership, announces the beginning of the Congress. A number of the Nazi officials present the opening speeches according to their hierarchy in the party. Hitler the presents his speech that addresses the merits of the Labor Service. He praises the members of the Labor Service for their work and contribution in rebuilding the country. The second day culminates with a torchlight parade by the SA. Victor Lutze addresses the crowd during the parade. Hitler is the last person in the Nazi leadership...

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