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Trip To A Different Place Essay

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Every other year my family and I used to take a trip to a different state or country for a month. It was 4 years ago when it was the last time for me to have a trip with them, that month we had a trip to different cities and left to Chile for a 3 weeks. Still it is as soon as you see the entrance sign, a sudden magic feeling bubbles through your head and body knowing a couple of weeks that were waiting of relaxing ecstasy is about to be established in. Rolling down the screeching window of the bus I could smell the different kind of air that another country had brought me to, almost smell the salty sand and sea, miles later I could see the glassy sea, and taste the fresh environment that I had arrived, no contamination, no affection to be found or bothered, just plain smell of quiet and ...view middle of the document...

But as the sun leaves us, the sea water will become warm after all our sunny day. It was filled of bright and twinkling stars all the sky. It was beautiful and quiet as like an artist had thrown a container of glitter in the sky. Being after a couple of days back to our house beach for rent, weather was warm keeping itself as cool as summer place, not keeping or making you not able to brief. I was able to feel the heat touching my face and my family had bomb fire where all smoke almost perfumed your clothes. We made ourselves some marshmallows and also made some hot dogs hamburgers, corn, and some other things that were typically from the city that we were located at.
My unforgettable and favorite part was cooking marshmallows. I'd hold it over the fire hoping for it not to burn it on fire. But trying pull it out with it drenched in flames, dripping sticky marshmallow and burnt to a crisp. More than amazed and not stressed relaxing of everything there was always something about every trip that I loved that was walking on the beach on really late after enjoying time with my family and talking to no one, taking everything that always I wanted to say to the sea and sand. So it was waking up in the next morning with slimy, uncomfortable clothing due sand all over my body and my bed, which was the only thing that bothered me, otherwise I would be able to sleep there also if I was allowed.
At the end of the month we said good-bye to all the people that we had met and keeping the memories of the dazzling bomb fire, salty sand, twinkling stars, and sweet smells of marshmallows, campfire food. Noticing every time that I leave that that place is where I belong which is a sea and sand where I was born, I'd leave with a smile on my face after every other tear because I know that I will be back next year.

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