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Trial Of Charles Manson Essay

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Charles Manson
The trial of John Mason began in mid-June 1970. It was presided over by Judge Charles Older. The trial took place in the Hall of Justice in Los Angeles at the eighth floor. The judge appointed 2 jurors who would help in the case. Charles insisted on defending himself though he was assisted by a lawyer by the name Irving Kanarek. He was known for his frustration on witnesses and judges. The other lawyer who defended Charles was Ronald Hughes who was referred to as the hippie lawyer and was Leslie Van Houten’s lawyer.
Kanarek may have found some kind of record for arguments in the Manson trial. He objected a total ofnine times in the prosecution's opening remarks. By the third ...view middle of the document...

On Nov 12, the L.A. Sheriff's investigators had an opportunity to meeting Al Springer who was a participant of the motorbike team known as the Directly Satans who had been engaged with the Manson Family associates off and on. The investigators were amazed when Springer informed them that a few times after the Tate killings that Manson had boasted to him about eliminating people: "We broken off five of them just the other evening." Springer remained obvious of Manson after that, but described that Danny DeCarlo, another participant of the motorbike team resided at the Spahn Farm with the Family associates wrote on? "Charlie said they had written something on the screwing fridge in blood vessels...Something about hogs or niggers or something like that.” When the cops finally got to Danny DeCarlo, they had an earful of charlie and his Close relatives. Not only did DeCarlo validate their culpability in Grettle Hinman's loss of life, but he suggested as a factor them in the loss of life of a 36-year-old farm side known as Shorty, a handle for Brian Shea. He was murdered because he would tell the proprietor of the Spahn Ranch what was really occurring on his residence. "Shorty was going to tell the old man Spahn...and Charlie did not like snitches," DeCarlo described.DeCarlo had been informed what they did to his buddy Shorty: "they trapped him like chiselling up a Christmas chicken...Bruce (Davis) said they cut him up in nine items. They cut his go off then they cut his hands off too, so there was no way they could probably recognize him. They were having a...

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