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Trial Essay

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Essay 1: Prose AnalysisInstructionsIn approximately 650-750 words, state the main ideas of the passage and how these relate to the work as a whole, and then analyse the style to indicate the effects of the stylistic devices. This stylistic analysis could include the following elements: figurative language, rhetorical devices, diction, and sentence structure. Not all of these elements will be equally prevalent in each passage. Focus on the most pertinent elements in the passage you have chosen, and deal with the most obvious characteristics first.Reading the passage aloud will help to make the effects of the sounds, the sentence structure, and the diction more apparent. Considering the following questions will also help to determine which elements are ...view middle of the document...

Analyse ONE of the three following excerpts. Please submit the final copy to yourtutor using the online drop box. Do not email your assignments; if you are unable to use the dropboxes, contact your tutor.3. Sinclair Ross, "The Lamp at Noon," The Harbrace Anthology of Short Fiction, 160.And always the wind, the creak of walls, the wild lipless wailing through the loft. Until at last as he stood there, staring into the livid face before him, it seemed that this scream of wind was a cry from her parched and frantic lips. He knew it couldn't be, he knew that she was safe within the house, but still the wind persisted as a woman's cry. The cry of a woman with eyes like those that watched him through the dark. Eyes that were mad now-lips that even as they cried still pleaded, "See, Paul-I stand like this all day. I just stand still-so caged! If I could only run!"In Sinclair Ross' "The Lamp at Noon," the wind is a symbol that Ross utilizes to bring emphasis upon the main theme of the story. The wind is a destructive force of nature. The wind, seems an incessant antagonist. Ross uses vivid imagery, "And always the wind, the creak of the walls, the wild lipless wailing through the loft" (966). The "livid face" (966) even contains his wife's pleas that they leave the oppressive farm. The wind not only dominates the landscape but also begins to consume the relationship of husband and wife. The pressure of such a destructive element causes them to disagree and argue.

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