Trends Paper

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Trends Paper
Dwayne Carr

The trends in the criminal justice system
There are concepts created to help with the future of criminal justice system department of corrections growth is being structured. For the reason with the trends that started from the past into the current time happening, from the issues turning in to problematic situations. With the overpopulated jail and prison system and the shortage of finances, to keep the criminal justice system efficiency
However, in the matter if they do not deal, with and discover an excellent solution to aid in this matter. Then will continue to make the criminal justice system of corrections inefficient. Future with the ...view middle of the document...

It causes for lengthy sentences, raising the rate for conviction, more detaining offenders. In addition, the increasing of juveniles convicted in adult courts. For this reason, it has made the correction inmate population increase to the number, which never seen before.

Within in recent studies, it has shown that out of 107 people, within United States society is in prison. By the corrections system in America it has world Population of five percent; however, a percentage of 25 of the population are inmates (Laura Leddy Turner, 2015).
In the present in the criminal justice system department of corrections, they are still dealing with issues for the past trends, within 1984 studies shown that Japan had 40,000 people imprisoned. The U.S. had more than 580, 00 even through, the years Japan prison did not increase as munch only to 71, 00.
However, the United States have gone up to huge amount of 2.3 million people in prison in our society. Therefore, the focus, for the present trending is to fix the over populated corrections system. In a systematic process, like the first step is to obtain results in the matter.
To accurate from the commission, the next step is, to address and alter the policy. Therefore, it will help to fix and lower the overcrowding problems that are hunting, the corrections within a secure, just.
Also in an economic sense that will watch over, the safety of the public discuss and find a way to stop the violent conduct also sexual assaults taken place in the correction system. Also, reform the administration, to obtain excellent and well efficient program in the prison correction system to use.
Also, to help the inmates coming out of prison to adjust and to not reoffend, and not come back to the prison and jail system. With the national criminal justice commission act and obtain sponsors, which are 29 of them.
They made up of judges, defense and prosecutors lawyers, ex-criminal offenders, academics, other departments in law enforcement.
It will lower the recidivism; within society if this legislation is pass. For that reason, this policy needs to obtain discussion and be passing, because of the growing issues turning problematic.

For the criminal justice system of corrections and the worrying, about the public safety being a concern an outcry of change to fix them for before it is too late (Jim WeBB, 2009).

The future trend to help lower, the department of corrections over populated prison and jails is the Relapse Prevention Therapy a program, for the behavioral conduct, teaches inmates or parolees and ex-offenders in the program how to deal with expecting. Also handling if he or she relapse it can be uses as treatment or after treatment. To sustain for matter as such, this instructs on tactics for them and coping abilities.
These programs work for inmates or parolees and ex-offenders that addicted to drugs. In addition, sex offenders, which have stated that it, sensible, also dependable results...

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