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Trends In The Workpace Essay

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Trends in the Workplace

Trends in the Workplace
There are numerous important trends in the workplace that have considerable influences on organizations. It is up to HR specialists to help organizations respond to the ever shifting trends, conform to guidelines on the federal and state levels, and manage workplace flexibility. This means that it is imperative that human resource specialists understand the developing global environment. This paper will discuss the main functional areas of Human Resource Management and explore the manner in which each function donates to the overall presentation of an organization. Next, federal equal employment opportunity laws will be surveyed, and the ...view middle of the document...

Proper staffing insures that the work is done correctly and efficiently. For example, if an organization staffs employees who are unskilled and who are not qualified for the positions that they fill, the work expected to be completed will not be done correctly or professionally. The organization will spend time and money on training the staff to do the work; however, if the organization staffs employees who are qualified and competent to complete the work, less time and money will be spent in training employees to do the work correctly.
Total rewards are the second functional area associated with Human Resource Management. Total rewards are also referred to as compensation and benefits. The compensation is the wages and bonuses paid to the employee for the work done. For example, if an employee has experience and needs little training his or her wages will likely be more than wages for an employee who must be trained. This is true because an organization must spend more money to train an inexperienced employee. Benefits are indirect compensation which is available to the employees. Medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and travel allowance are examples of benefits given to employees.
The third functional area is employee improvement. Employee development is also called training and workforce development. This function involves identifying areas where skills development is needed in terms of specific skills or knowledge that an individual needs to master organization-wide training needs (White, 2007). This training can include skills such as customer service, communication and leadership development, technical skills (computer skills), and equipment operation competences. HRM is responsible for insuring that employees are trained and prepared for the duties of the position. For example, if an employee is hired for a position in that he or she has the appropriate educational requirements but not the experience he or she can be sent for training, or if the employee is already carrying out the duties of the position, he or she can be sent for training to better develop his or her skills.
The fourth functional area is employee relations. This area focuses on maintaining positive relations between companies and the people working for the companies (White, 2007). There are various responsibilities that fall under this functional area, and they include: self-esteem management, rewards and recognition programs, performance assessment procedures, verifying acquiescence with policies and company regulations, grievance investigation and labor relations (White, 2007). This functional area works with members of the management team to lend support and assistance as the need arises. For example, in many organizations employees are recognized for extraordinary performance by receiving bonuses. It is also not uncommon for companies to appraise employee performance in order to compensate employees who have performance that reach or...

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