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Trends In America Essay

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In this day and age most of what we do throughout our life is impacted by trends in American society. Trends are everywhere; from the way we dress and the music we listen to, to the religion we choose to follow. While contemplating about the basis for this paper, I have come to realize that many Americans, including myself and my family, have been brainwashed somewhat into believing what is cool, what is in style, what looks good, and so on. Throughout our existence we see examples of trends in every aspect of life: socially, politically, personally, and religiously.Politically, the newest trend to break out into society is celebrities and politics. It now seems that celebrities are starting to take advantage of ...view middle of the document...

"Being famous doesn't mean you are smart, educated, or even have common sense," ( In this site, the writer goes on to say that celebrities spend most of their lives pursuing their career, therefore being the least educated members of society. In my personal opinion, as I stated at the beginning of this paragraph, it seems that celebs use their status to be heard. I personally would not vote for somebody because I liked their performance in their latest box office hit, I would rather take a look at the issues, listen to what the candidates have to say about the issues, and vote according to what I think wold be best for America.An example of a recent social trend is the portrayal of homosexuality on television. Back when my parents were young, networks wouldn't dare dabble with that issue. It was too controversial, and the bottom line is, Americans were not accepting of this type of behavior. Now a days, I have seen men even kissing on television. There are television shows such as Will & Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer as folk, and so forth. It is becoming a trend to show acceptance for all classifications of Americans whether on television, radio, media, and magazines. In my opinion, I view this as being a positive trend. Most people aren't accepting of what is not said to be "normal" because of their own ignorance. I think that with this lifestyle being depicted on television, it is not only educating Americans in a sense but also diminishing their ignorance.

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