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Trends And Prospects Of Commodity Markets Trading In India: An Analysis

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Trends and Prospects of Commodity Markets Trading in India: An Analysis


This project is to analyze the future prospects of commodity market as the Indian Commodity markets and futures trading in the commodity exchanges have great potential to develop as one of the fastest growing centers in the world. India belong an agrarian economy can definitely bolster its commodity trading volumes. Similarly India is also a large producer in various commodities and metals. If we consider consumption aspects of certain commodities, India again will figure as ...view middle of the document...

Commodity market is therefore logically a market where commodities or commodity derivatives are bought or sold for a consideration. It is thus an important constituent of the financial system for any country.
Existence of a vibrant, active and liquid commodity market is normally considered as a healthy sign of development of any economy. Commodity markets quite often have their centers in developed countries though the primary commodities in many cases are produced in developing countries. Birth and growth of transparent commodity market is thus a sign of development of an economy. This has particular significance in case of countries like India, which produce agri-products as well as a number of other basic commodities, which are traded on commodity exchanges world over. Commodity futures in particular help price discovery and assist investors in hedging their risks by taking positions in commodities and exploiting arbitrage opportunities in the market.

1. To understand the fundamentals of commodity market.
2. To understand the need of evaluation of commodity markets in the world.
3. Getting knowledge of current Scenario of commodity market over the entire world.
4. Getting knowledge of functioning of commodity markets through exchanges.
5. To find out the area of economic growth contributed by commodity markets.
To know about the benefits of commodity futures market to entrepreneur and businessmen.
6. To study characteristics of some commodities and its position in Indian Scenario.

Scope of Commodity Market
Investment in commodity markets has been very popular and rewarding for investors in U.K. and U.S.A. For investors looking for diversification beyond stock markets, commodity markets offer another investment option. The commodity markets activity, volume and players multiplied in the recent past. In India, although the trading in commodity markets and commodity exchanges is booming, it has to cross few more hurdles like permitting Fills, banks and other financial institutions to operate in these markets. The reason why investors may look for opportunities in commodity markets may take us to the basic tenets of risk and return theory viz. expected return and risk. Normally it is a risk - reward relationship. The higher the risk higher is the expected return and vice versa.

Research Methodology:
“Methodology can be considered as the backbone of any project work.” Methodology refers to the scientific methods used in the...

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