Trends And Challenges Facing People In The Work Place

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Trends and Challenges PaperMGT/431Trends and ChallengesPerformance managementPerformance and evaluation is part of every employee's continuing growth within the organization. Performance management is a method used by managers to effectively monitor an employee's output efficiency. Performance management allows for an employer to track the activities of an employee and ensure production goals are being met at the desired level, this process will also allow for an employee to receive feedback to both inform and aid the employee in meeting company expectations. Managers providing timely feedback will assist an employee in understanding what areas, if any, ...view middle of the document...

Matter of fact, this kind of climate ensures short-term goals are given precedence over more ambitious far sighted objectives for the immediate satisfaction of a robust evaluation. As previously mentioned, the manager has absolute control over the process and the employee is granted a few moments to both hear the outcome and sign acknowledging they have been made aware of the contents. The emotional impact can not be underestimated of an employee receiving a less than expected assessment. The employee is left questioning their continued service with a company that so obviously fails to recognize their accomplishments. Another bone of contention is the variance between how a single manager might apply standards in contrast to other managers where some are slack and others are overly stringent to the point where there is no continuity.A performance management system based on the appraisal of an employee is more than just looking into a portion of their contribution. These are defining performance, measuring performance, and feeding back performance information. Defining an employees performance will help in creating targets and tasks to reach a goal. This would provide a clear picture of an employee's activities and achievements. Measuring performance is looking at the long-term and short-term goals of an employee pertaining to his or her job function. The method would allow for a reward system to be implemented in order to produce motivation and help the employee to focus on organizational goals. Positive feedback from the manager would also enable an employee to work on problematic areas that is preventing goal attainment. However, this would also allow for another opportunity to gauge the employee.In summary, the measurement of the value an employee's work and how it contributes to the company is a sticky wicket at best. Managers both good and marginal face this daunting challenge and should strive for accuracy and fairness. The detrimental effects upon the company can be the loss of an employee and credibility amongst those remaining. Especially, when a disgruntled employee makes it a mission to degrade and deplore the situation thereby poisoning the well before leaving. Performance management system is literally a work in progress that continues to grow with the employee and transitions from strengths to weakness and returns to strengths. It focuses on the positive attributes of the employee while providing a method to turn a deficiency into a goal-oriented favorable outcome.Managing turnoverA company is faced with two types of turnover, involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary is when the company terminates an employee for reasons such as drug use or poor production, voluntary is an employee leaving for another job or retirement. An organization is only as good as the people employed. While terminating an employee is never an easy task for a manager sometimes it is a necessary evil. To ensure quality employees remain with the company...

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