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Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The impact of the TOV on the Weimar republic to 1929 was more significant than any other factor. How accurate is this statement?
The impact of the Treaty of Versailles on the Weimar republic was more significant than another factor leading to its collapse, however it’s downfall cannot be attributed to any single factor. The Treaty of Versailles had major economic, social and political impacts on Germany after WWI. However these were compounded by other factors such as fundamental flaws in the democratic system, hyperinflation and the occupation of the Ruhr. All of these factors in combination provided the situations where civil unrest, violence and revolution could place intolerable ...view middle of the document...

Almost all Germans on both the left and right side of politics opposed the TOV. However Ebert’s government argued that Germany had no choice but to sign. The signing in June of 1919 placed almost impossible expectations on Germany and provided the greatest piece of propaganda against the Republic. Economically the TOV required Germany to pay $40 billion in reparations as well as donate machinery and recourses to allied powers, an impossible task given Germany’s economic position at the time. It also took land and colonies from the German empire in addition to sole responsibility being placed on Germany for starting the war. William Carr infers that the people of Germany saw the TOV as a way of weakening and humiliating Germany. For this reason it can be said that the TOV was indeed paramount in the Republic’s collapse. It is also possible to trace the origins of other factors such as the occupation of the Ruhr and hyperinflation back to the conditions of the TOV.
In compliance with the TOV Germany made its first reparation payment in 1922 but was unable to make its second repayment. As a result France invaded and occupied the German industrial area of the Ruhr in 1923, enforcing harsh controls on the people. In response the German government introduced a policy of “passive resistance” by which the German population would not cooperate with French control. The strikes that followed meant the Germany’s prime...

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