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Treatment Plan Essay

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Treatment Plan
Team Alpha
BSHS 405
September 23, 2014
Julie Eiter

Treatment Plan
The intake assessment is where the case manager get to know the client and what problems does it have you can also it can also help as a guide to start the treatment plan which is very important this help the client look at the possibilities that their goals are being taken care of. As a case manager you will have to give that little extra push or extra confident that they have lost in the past time. As a case worker you have to maintain that resiliently mood with the client and that is where the treatment plan comes in. In this dissertation will be discussing the treatment plan for the follow up client which is Belinda. Also what strategies can a case worker may use when it comes to keep the client motivated with the follow up of the treatment plan, and the implementation of strategy of the treatment plan. As you may remember Belinda is this Native ...view middle of the document...

The treatment could see if Belinda needs and what are her wants, also to see any other flaws that she has not seen or does not quite know how to explain it. In so doing the treatment plan it can also help both the helper and Belinda do some exploration for example her decision making, it also help her rearrange her goals as becoming a new mother or alternatives to what she could do. It more like a guide to Belinda get back to her feet and she could leave on her own and sustain herself and the babies. The treatment plan can help the case manager see if what are the needs and what are the strength of the client and also an opportunity to move on.
In Belinda’s case you have to look at what are her weakness and have a less focus on that. As the case manager of Belinda she seems like a person that may have a lot issue with doubting herself and may seem self-conscious. Also another strategy that we could use is the strength based approach which could very helpful so Belinda could see that there is something positive that could happen if she would follow the treatment plan. Also give her options on what agencies could help her and see what agencies could she relate more too meaning that the agency could understand her bio-social-and culture. Also another strategy that could Belinda is get her family involve meaning her boyfriend probably share the same goals as her or could achive both of their goals at a same pace.
In conclusion to Belinda has been facing many problems in her life. There are ways to help her overcome her problems. It will take time but it’s not impossible. She needs to remain focused throughout the treatment plan and willing to be committed to it. The main priority is to provide enough support and help for her and her unborn child. Than following up with making her stronger as a person and capable of taking care of herself. Her family can be involved and by seeing that the family is willing to cooperate she will find the motivation and dedication to become that better person. Her boyfriend can be helped to throughout the process. Once Belinda and her boyfriend are stabilized they should be strong enough to start looking for work and therefore being able to live a normal life without having complications.

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