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Treatment Plan 4: Adrian Essay

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plan #3: Adrian
March 19, 2011
1. Problem Statement:
Adrian Holdsworth, a 39-­‐year-­‐old woman, has come to counseling because of her problems with
concentration and memory. She has already seen a medical professional regarding these concerns, and
he suggested counseling after finding no medical basis for her complaints. She struggles with persistent
anxiety, which has been present since the age of 14 years. She also reports troubles with sleeping.
2. Manifestation of the problem:
This client presents excessive worry about a variety of problems, including school (in the past), work
performance, dating, and her childrens well-­‐being. She has difficulty making decisions, which often ...view middle of the document...

2. Visit with medical physician for medication consult; begin medication regimen if prescribed.
3. Participate in psychological assessments to evaluate worry and anxiety symptoms.
4. Learn and implement calming techniques to reduce overall anxiety and manage symptoms of
5. Verbalize an understanding of the role that cognitive biases play in excessive irrational worry
and persistent anxiety symptoms.
6. Identify, challenge, and replace biased, fearful self-­‐talk with positive, realistic, and
empowering self-­‐talk.
7. Return to work and maintain steady employment.
8. Improve self-­‐esteem.
9. Follow-­‐up with counselor 3 months after treatment has ended.
8. Long-­‐term goals:
1. Reduce overall frequency, intensity, and duration of anxiety so that daily functioning is not
2. Stabilize anxiety level while increasing ability to function on a daily basis.
3. Enhance ability to effectively cope with a full variety of lifes anxieties.
4. Adhere to medication directions if warranted.
9. Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: supports self and two children; employed; strong drive to achieve in all areas of life (school,
work, parenting, friendships, etc.); participates in activities such as dating, being assertive, meetings,
and public speaking despite moderate levels of anxiety.
Weaknesses: excessive/unrealistic worry and anxiety; inability to focus, relax, or remember things at
work; low self-­‐esteem; feelings of inadequacy; trouble sleeping.
10. Medications:
Clonazepan (Klonopin) or Alprazolam (Xanax) is recommended for this client.
11. Interventions:
Long-­‐term goal Short-­‐term goal Intervention Duration/Frequency Indicator
Reduce overall
intensity, and
duration of anxiety
so that daily
functioning is not
Describe current
and past
experiences with
the worry and
complete with
their impact on
functioning and
attempts to
resolve it.
Assess the focus,
level of extent,
of the clients
worry and the
type, frequency,
intensity, and
duration of her
All sessions, as
problems arise.
Client will be able
to discuss her
anxiety on all
levels and her
associated with
her anxieties.
Visit with medical
physician for
Refer to a
physician for
1st session. Client will have
gone to the
physician for
Adhere to
directions if
Stabilize anxiety
level while
increasing ability
to function on a
daily basis.
Begin medication
regimen if
Monitor the
compliance with
medication (if
discuss side
effects and
Discuss with
Beginning of all
sessions after
medication is
Client will report
taking prescribed
medication on a
regular basis as
well as discuss
side effects and
effectiveness with

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