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Treadway Tire Company Essay

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* The second problem for The Treadway Tire Company is the lack of good leadership approach. The first source of this problem is the failure of management to provide adequate training to foremen. Whenever a foreman joins the company, he only receives informal training at the discretion of the general supervisor and area manager. One of the general supervisor, Herb Adams, is reported to have said that he tell guys to take control to survive on the plant floor and keep their eyes open for the trouble makers. The managers want the foremen to adopt the old tied-and-true management like they did in old days. This is an example of Laissez-fare leadership style which is characterized by having very ...view middle of the document...

Supervisors judge the line foremen according to their ability to meet or exceed forecasts and how they manage and train their hourly workers. Such expectation makes foremen to adopt production-focused leadership style where they expect the hourly workers to get the job done under close supervision. The leadership style greatly influence the relationship between foremen and hourly workers, foremen usually do not trust hourly workers since they arrive late or sometimes do not show up at all without any notice. There is no lower order (goals, aspirations) and higher order exchanges (interpersonal relation, mutuality) involved between foremen and workers. Due to these reasons, foremen do not seem to connect at a specific area with their hourly workers and this reflects in their performance of managing workers. According to Herb Adams, “as long as you meet targets without aggravating the union or management too much, you are fine.” This is a vague approach to appraisal. Performance appraisals are an important part of any company that helps to indicate the employee their strong/weak areas and tell them where they stand in the organization. The absence of appraising employees and providing feedback in The Treadway Tire Company has caused motivation issue within the foremen pool as they do not see any advancement opportunity. Under the light of Tom Hamilton statement, “My line foremen just don’t see any way to move up at Lima. I always recommend the guys with the most long-term management potential to Human Resources, but whenever there’s a general supervisor vacancy, someone else, usually some college grad, gets...

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