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Travel Tips Essay

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Travel Tips[i]

We are a full service travel agency with local offices all over the world. Our thirty years of experience enable us to make your dream vacation or business trip the best ever. We cater to individuals and groups, especially campus organizations. We offer the low airfares and hotel accommodations and always provide the ultimate in service. We run specials all the time and urge you to check our Web page frequently.

These travel tips are especially important. No doubt, you have ...view middle of the document...

2. Film and other equipment are always cheaper in the United States, so be sure to purchase all of your equipment before you leave. It’s always a good idea to bring spare batteries for your camera. You can also bring postage paid envelopes to mail your film home so it will be developed and waiting for you when you return.
3. Check the climate of your destination and dress appropriately. Limit the amount of clothing you take. It will be easier to travel with less, and you avoid running the risk of charges for excess baggage.

Be sure to think of World Wide travel, the next time you are planning a trip.

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