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Travel Is Often Said To Influence People By Making Them More Open To Other Cultures And New Ideas. Does Travel Broaden The Mind? What Are Some After Effects Of An Extended Period Of Travel?

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Nowadays, people pay more attention to travel as a way to relax. When we start to think about travel, we always know that a new experience lies ahead of us. After we have experienced certain aspects of traveling, we must ask what we will obtain from travel. Does travel broaden the mind? And what are the effects of an extended period of traveling. This, and more, will be answered in the following paragraphs.
Travel is not only a way to satisfy your visual, but also a way of broadening the minds of travelers. Of course, there are a great deal of people who choose travel to enjoy nature, spend time with family, have a chance to relax, and other reasons. However, traveling can also influence their thinking. There are a lot of people who agree that after traveling people can get new ideas from ancient culture, architecture ...view middle of the document...

94% said their understanding of other people’s cultures and backgrounds had increased. 73% reported increased participation in volunteering activities as a result of their involvement.
So it is scientifically proven that traveling does broaden the mind. With these numbers we can see that: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. (St. Augstine)
On the other hand, people who stay somewhere for an extended period of time will usually adapt to the environment. They eventually learn to speak the language and accept the new culture. For example students who are going for their first year of college, in a country where a totally different language is spoken, most of them must give up their first year to learn the language. Those first years are not the easiest for them. For them, culture shock will be their biggest challenge. When they speak the language and adapt to that other culture, it will be easier for them in the future. It is also the same thing when people are moving from the country side to the city. This applies to me because I just moved to the city. I have problems adapting to the environment, traffic, the space, and the house. But slowly I see that I am getting used to the area.
Despite all the mental confusion and lonely feelings, sometimes present in extended periods of travel, people learn a lot from traveling, especially when a person meet new people from different cultures, and understands their traditions. During travel, people mostly exchange knowledge of their country. When done repeatedly, someone travels often will become more experienced and have more strength to face and handle their problems in a new way. The style you used to handle things will have changed. You will have a better understanding about things. You will become more independent, practical, caring, logical, and mature.

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