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Travel And Tourism Plan Essay

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Understanding Travel and TourismIntroductionThis paper shall give a complete overview of why Mexico is an ideal tourist destination. It shall cover all the push and pull factors as well as motivation which attract tourists.International tourism become an essential economic activity in Mexico after the world war11, due to a shift that was developed from the political economy to finding alternative approaches that are mostly empirical in nature, therefore tourism became a suitable alternative.AnalysisHistoryTourism began to flourish in the 1940's. "A strong campaign to attract visitors was designed during the regain of administration of President Avila Com aeho (1940 to 19466)" (Berger ...view middle of the document...

This is a volcanic peak; it is approximately 18,406 feet above sea level. Mexico's lowest point is Lake Salada. This is twenty six feet underneath the sea level. (See appendix for map)ReligionDuring the colonial period, the Spanish imposed the Roman Catholic religion on the indigenous population. During this time period all other religions were prohibited. Although the urban form of religion differed from the rural form of religion, the population of Catholic still remains large. A combination of indigenous practice, along with Catholicism, was tolerated by local priest and bishops. Due to the mixture of indigenous practices, most rural and indigenous peoples were never fully converted to Christianity.Mexico's 1917 constitution granted freedom of religion. Ninety percent of the Mexican population identifies itself as Catholic. In recent years the Protestant religion has grown among rural areas and Native Americans. With the remaining being five percent Protestant, four percent atheists. Even though religious attendance declined severely in the 20th century, it is regaining its appeal among younger Mexicans.MotivationMotivation is a kind of behavior which is usually goal orientated. It is usually strengthened by means of rewards thus when we consider motivation in tourism then it is the pleasure and sense of relaxation one gets when he visits a certain destinationCultureFamily and traditional values play an important role in the Mexican life style. Even though women are an increasing figure in the labor force, many continue to work at home. Most children typically remain at home longer than their counterparts in the United States. Women in middle and upper-income households typically have outside help with cleaning, meals and child-care.In urban parts of Mexico, the fashion is similar to the modern Europe and United States. In the rural parts traditional clothing is worn, as well as the native dresses which a lot of Native Americans still wear.Mexican food is unique, and can differ depending on where you are, and on the expense. Most Mexican's diet's consist of beans, rice, corn or wheat tortillas, chili peppers, and tomatoes. I love the spicy foods they cook. Many middle and upper class families consume a wide variety of dishes, similar to a trend influenced by the United States and Europe. The consumption of soft drinks, per capita is one of the highest in Mexico. Mexican beer is famous throughout the United States and it's also popular in its own country. In recent years the quality of Mexico's wine, brandy, and tequila has been increasing, and is being manufactured on a large scale.Soccer is considered as their national sport, they also enjoy traditional bull fights. Many Mexicans also enjoy movies, music, and shows of many forms ( television, theater, talent, etc"¦) I would go listen to their music and watched their shows on the television set in my hotel room, I found the programs quite entertaining.BeachesMexico has several...

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