Tratkakis, Nick “Replies On The Alleged Failure Of Free Will Theodicies: A Reply To Tierno” Department Of Philosophy, Monash University, Spohia, Vol. 42, No. 2, October 2003

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Tratkakis, Nick “Replies On The Alleged Failure of Free Will Theodicies: A Reply to Tierno” Department of Philosophy, Monash University, Spohia, Vol. 42, No. 2, October 2003

Theo 525 LUO (fall 2013)
Systematic Theology I

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Jeremy W. Allexon (ID# 25923739)
September 22, 2013

The purpose of this piece is to conduct an analysis and re-butt Joel Tierno’s argument “that free will only accounts for choices that issue in evil” But fail to account for evil choices. 1 (Trakakis) The paper begins by breaking down Tierno’s argument in logical fashion A+B=C. As he is breaking down the argument Mr. Trakakis ...view middle of the document...

The author’s goal was to show the failure of the Adequacy Argument and bring understanding to the free will theodicists point of view.
The strength of this article comes from the precise breakdown of the Adequacy Argument an example follows:
“(1) God created human beings.
(2) God gave human beings the capacity for choice.
(3) The capacity for choice underlies all kinds of capacities that few human beings realize.
(4) We almost universally use the capacity for choice, at one time or another, in ways that bring about moral evil.
(5) (Therefore) There must be something about human beings other than the mere capacity for choice which accounts for the almost universal disposition to commit morally evil actions.” 8
Another point of strength lies in the author’s his understanding of the weaknesses of the theological libertarians argument of free will which require motive. (However this critique does not allow space for depth.) Finally the author takes care to bring the two schools of thought side by...

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