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Trapped In Darkness, Lost In Thought

655 words - 3 pages

It was the strangest thing I had ever seen, with tubes and wires hanging from the ceiling. The room was rather small, like the size of a normal classroom. The walls were pale gray and rusted out. It was dark, but there was a dim light from under the doorway across the room. I had been trapped in this room for hours, and I was chained to a chair. I couldn’t speak, for there was tape over my mouth. It was cold in the room, and every small breeze from under the door made me shiver. I was able to breath from my nose, and each breath made a small, foggy cloud from my nose, which looked like smoke in the darkness. I focused my eyes on the ceiling and discovered that the tubes were wrapped and connected by wires. The wires weren’t like “hanger” wires though. They were more like the wires you find inside your TV when ...view middle of the document...

Suddenly, I heard foot steps from outside the door. They were slow, steady foot steps that made a slightly loud thud with every step taken. The voice of a woman came to my ears, and for a few minutes I felt saved. She was alone, I could tell, and she must’ve been talking on a cell phone. Her voice was low and gentle. It was hard to make out what she was saying, but I strained my ears a bit more. This did nothing. I thought for a moment and started to move each part of my body one at a time. I moved my fingers, my legs, my feet and toes, my arms, and my head. My wrists were taped to the handles of the chair, but my feet were free. My head wasn’t tied to anything, and neither were my legs. There was something heavy on my lap, but it was too dark to see. I heard her phone click, as if she was closing it, and then heard a pen scratching against a clipboard. I moved my right leg up and my left leg slightly downward as the object on my lap fell to the ground with a thud.

The sound echoed throughout the entire room, and I could hear a screen from the woman outside. She opened the door slowly, and the light from outside almost blinded me. I looked around the room quickly and discovered that the tubes about me were large air vents and the wires held them in place. The walls were white, and the room was completely empty. The chair was nailed to the ground, and the object on my lap was a brown box the size of a textbook. The floor was clean and had grayish floor tiles. The door was brown with no window on it. The lady was hard to see, and the details on her were getting blurry. She was tall and had pale, white skin. Her hair was long and black, but her face I couldn’t make out. I was swaying back and forth slowly. My vision was getting more and more blurry. My stomach was hurting and my head pounding with pain. I now noticed I was drugged at some point. The room got dizzy and soon I blacked out.

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